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Adventure. Experience. Data.

We here at fishmalaysia are proud to present our new official website. Our site is running from our URL: We have come so far and it would not be possible without you: our readers. Thank you for your support!

The only way from here is upwards and we will be exploring ultimately the whole of Malaysia for the benefit of our readers!

Our main goal has always been to help anglers in Malaysia or those visiting Malaysia to make informed decisions on their experiences. We promise to fulfil this requirement and set this as the credo of our cause.

The tagline Adventure. Experience. Data is how we envisage this fishmalaysia animal to grow in to. We believe that we are not merely collecting fishing hotspots and angling resources, we are actually collecting data. The spots and the shops are being tagged for observation and scrutiny from none other than the readers themselves. The data we collect hopefully will help induce preservation or if needed enhancement to all the variables we have catalogued.

Adding scientific value need not be at a microscopic scale. All of us in any of our adventures should try and add scientific value to our experiences. The fish are there for a reason and it would be good to know it and share it. It would be also good to know how to keep them there.




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Section 18 Shah Alam, fancy any canal fishing?

We have been fishing very furiously in the Batu Lake of recent. Jahat has had some results. I’m yet to land a snakehead. Not to be disenchanted the dry season is showing its true colours. The heat really does get to you.


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Best Summer Lures and Flies: 15 Secret Weapons from Fishing Guides and Professional Anglers

Summer here in Malaysia is perpetual. Some of us are even sick of it. However a select few of people (anglers) welcome the heat.

Bass fishing is becoming bigger in Malaysia. Folks are starting to look for good sized bass to fish. Lets pick a few tips from across the pacific to help us improve our game.

Article by Will Brantley, Joe Cermele, Kirk Deeter, Mark Hicks, and Don Wirth. Uploaded on May 20, 2013

We reached out to 15 of the country’s top guides and pros—you know, the guys who get paid to reel in largemouths, smallmouths, trout, crappie, cats, walleyes, striped bass, and more—and asked them about what they rely on most to catch big fish come some. Here are their answers. You’d better clear room in your tackle box.

1. Bomber Badonk-A-Donk SS

“My go-to for nighttime tarpon in the summer is Bomber’s Badonkadonk SS,” says Captain Robert Trosset, a Florida tarpon captain. “It sinks slowly and has a really natural action underwater when you start twitching. For whatever reason, when the tarpon in the channels won’t touch anything else, I’ll get a fish to hit one of these lures.”

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Hong Meng of Sri Gombak. Quiet little shop with some good stuff.

When was the last time you fished in the area of Gombak? Situated in mountain range quite honestly Gombak has got a lot of hidden gems.  We start with a resource centre.


Before you go hunting for this place. There is another blog out there that suggests a shop is available in Jalan SG 1/1. This shop is no longer available as the building owner must have changed for a more lucrative deal with the CIMB bank. So need not go there. Some say there is a shop too in 1/5 this is futile too.


Hong Meng is situated right on the slope past the school. It is this quaint corner shop here. We love shops like these. We never know what we might find. These shops in some instances have transitions of styles of angling over the decades in Malaysia.

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USJ Heights: Updates and Interesting attempt

The weather was lousy last Friday. Lots of urban folk in the Klang valley must be tormented by such irregular weather and humidity. The tormenting is not only translating onto the streets but also the fishing. Angling in unpredictable weather tends to provide unusual and unyielding results.

Quite some time ago we featured an under construction site USJ Heights. We paid a visit on friday and were delightfully suprised. The previously restrictive area now has opened up and yes its a delightful water feature!





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Jurnal Jahat: Sebarau Kuala Lumpur 2013!

Hye semua! Minggu ini saya memecah kebuntuan saya mencari Sebarau, merata saya pergi memburu sang Sebarau ni. Iyalah, mana taknye sebarau terakhir saya pegang adalah hampir 15 tahun dahulu.. lame sangat tak hanyir Sebarau. Tambah-tambah lagi sekarang sudah masuk bulan ke 3 secara rasmi saya menggunakan set Baitcasting, bila dah ada ‘spirit’ BC ni biasalah, Sebarau adalah ikan wajib!


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Megabass XLUSH

Some of us will never buy this lure out of pure principle. Being Megabass it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. I have a big question mark though. What kind of difference does the Megabass make compared to the others out there?

A pencil poller that doesn’t pop like a conventional popper. Interesting indeed. Please take a look at this video on how the japs are using the lure.


Beautiful indeed

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