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Tying a knot

Hi All,

Have been away for the past one week. I was in Sabah as a matter of fact practicing my bait casting. Well having said that it was not much practice either as It was a few blind casts in the middle of the night into the sea. All this of course happened in front of the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru. Continue reading



Hi All,

I’ve just picked up the sport of bait-casting and to be honest it was not easy to begin with. I had to do away with one spool of very expensive thread for the normal line as it got tangled beyond me. The beginners mee goreng.

Very important to all that are planning to pick up this sport. Please have your thumbs intact and be ready to use them. Just a matter of mastering the timing. Once you have that sorted, everything else will fall in place.

Here are some videos that helped me through the experience:

After improving considerably today i noticed my casting has doubled in length and i am getting more “kisses” on my spinner bait.

The sad thing about spinnerbaits here is that the brand which i like “OFMER” has got a very large hook. I’ve tried other brands of spinners but the don’t have the rigidity of OFMER.

I would also have to thank the “abang” at Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd. for helping me out today by giving me some pointers.

Please also take note that we will be covering competitions soon.

I will be getting and posting all competition details for the calendar year of 2013! Hopefully the world does not end by then.


Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / Puchong Lake: New Angling Possibilities

Puchong being a former tin mining area is littered with bodies of water. These mining pools now serve as aquatic sanctuaries for all sorts of fishes and other forms of water dependent creatures. As part of this week’s cataloguing and reconnaissance report we find out why you should start fishing here in this lake.


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Peacock Bass Spree in Mines

This weekend was a worthwhile affair. We carried out our midnight mines fishing trip at Sri Kembangan. My good friend and foe the chef snagged himself a trio of peacock bass.

I on the other hand had some action earlier in Paramount park. I came toe to toe with the monster toman in its waters. A good sized monster, was easily a 12 pounder. Unfortunately its sheer fighting instinct got the better of my angling skills. I live to tango with it another day.

Whats in store this week is that, we will be making a reconnaissance  trip to the big lakes in Puchong. Hopefully those anglers around the Puchong area can enjoy the sheer size of its lakes. would also be starting with a directory of all the lakes available in Malaysia for you to fish at. We will be starting this from the Klang Valley and slowly stretch out to the other towns and cities. Hopefully we will have a concise directory of all the fishing spots in Malaysia for everyone to share.

We here are also planning our Pulau Carey trip soon. The chef would like to tag along, to do this our friend needs to take some time out of work.

Exciting week ahead peeps.

Do enjoy!

Choosing your reel! (Freshwater Fishing)

A fine looker

The second part of my beginners guide to fishing encompasses the area of choosing your reel. In this section we will take a look at the types of reels available in the market for those who want to pick up freshwater fishing. The reel mechanism is quite generic and the only difference with sea reels is the proportions.

There are three types of reels you can choose from. They are called.

  1. Open Bail Spinner reels
  2. Casting reels
  3. Closed Spin Casting reels

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