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All you need to get started fishing

Fishing Line: Your lifeline, literally. (A Beginners Guide)

This is literally the most important item required when fishing. Without this item it would be next to impossible to fish (Unless you’re and extremely good spear fisherman). With the progress of science and technology improved performing lines are being released by manufacturers to make the fishing experiences of the modern day angler better.

Other premium lures from brands such as ABU Garcia also available.

Premium lines in SS2

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Tying a knot

Hi All,

Have been away for the past one week. I was in Sabah as a matter of fact practicing my bait casting. Well having said that it was not much practice either as It was a few blind casts in the middle of the night into the sea. All this of course happened in front of the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru. Continue reading


Hi All,

I’ve just picked up the sport of bait-casting and to be honest it was not easy to begin with. I had to do away with one spool of very expensive thread for the normal line as it got tangled beyond me. The beginners mee goreng.

Very important to all that are planning to pick up this sport. Please have your thumbs intact and be ready to use them. Just a matter of mastering the timing. Once you have that sorted, everything else will fall in place.

Here are some videos that helped me through the experience:

After improving considerably today i noticed my casting has doubled in length and i am getting more “kisses” on my spinner bait.

The sad thing about spinnerbaits here is that the brand which i like “OFMER” has got a very large hook. I’ve tried other brands of spinners but the don’t have the rigidity of OFMER.

I would also have to thank the “abang” at Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd. for helping me out today by giving me some pointers.

Please also take note that we will be covering competitions soon.

I will be getting and posting all competition details for the calendar year of 2013! Hopefully the world does not end by then.


Choosing your reel! (Freshwater Fishing)

A fine looker

The second part of my beginners guide to fishing encompasses the area of choosing your reel. In this section we will take a look at the types of reels available in the market for those who want to pick up freshwater fishing. The reel mechanism is quite generic and the only difference with sea reels is the proportions.

There are three types of reels you can choose from. They are called.

  1. Open Bail Spinner reels
  2. Casting reels
  3. Closed Spin Casting reels

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Choosing your rod. Basics instructions to fish in Malaysia.

Ahh... the big blue....

Ahh… the big blue….

Malaysia is a wonderful place to fish. We have housing estates that possess at least one body of water with fish in it. In some instances this body would be a natural water source. This then assures good quality angling. From the more industrious dwellings in Setapak (or its kind) to the upscale villas in Petaling Jaya there is an assurance that you can find a place to fish not to far away (albeit the bounty being varied).

To begin your career for this exciting sport here in Malaysia, you need to get the most essential of items required for this sport. Like how wheels are to a car, a rod is to fishing. In more primitive times rods grew in trees. However with technology and modern medicine, now rods can be found in specialty shops and in some instances super markets.

The fishing rod is used to cast the line into the water. Rods that came from trees were unable to do this and had very limited range. Modern day rods however allow the bait to be tossed to where the fish are in the water. This allows more exciting fish to be caught.

There are four types of rods that are available for the sport. The types of rods are:

  1. Spinning Rods 
  2. Casting Rods
  3. Ice-fishing Rods
  4. Telescopic Rods

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Beginners guide to fishing

Before we can begin pursuing the art of catching fish, we need to gather the necessary tools to start o start our trade. Here’s a sundry list of items to consider getting.

1. A Rod

Basic 7′ Rod acquired from Pudu

I got this rod for about RM50.00 in one of the shops in Jalan Pudu. Its a 7′ sea casting rod. At least thats what it says on the spine. Casts about  40 – 50 yards so should do relatively ok today.

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