Beginners guide to fishing

Before we can begin pursuing the art of catching fish, we need to gather the necessary tools to start o start our trade. Here’s a sundry list of items to consider getting.

1. A Rod

Basic 7′ Rod acquired from Pudu

I got this rod for about RM50.00 in one of the shops in Jalan Pudu. Its a 7′ sea casting rod. At least thats what it says on the spine. Casts about  40 – 50 yards so should do relatively ok today.

2. A Reel

6 Bearing Spinner Reel

I quite enjoy a 6 bearing reel compared to the 4 bearing ones. They’re more smoother. I got this one for RM 50 also from the same shop. Its a good sized spinner reel and lets out line well. Totally dig the wooden knob.

Point to ponder:

I am currently using a purple line…. 0.o

(Can hold up to 40lbs, Its good to start off with something not so tensile as there will be instances which you will need to snap the line and snapping something like this very…. enduring…. if you dont possess the know how to do it)

3. Hooks, Clips, Weights and etc…

Fish catching and maiming tools

In the first line you will notice that there is an assortment of hooks. Get these please. Need not get a whole range of sizes but start off with maybe the second hook from the left. As you get more adventurous get bigger or smaller ones. Whichever you fancy.

The second line consists of clips which I stress are very important. They save you so much of time and are quite convenient. Start of with the second clip from the left. That size is quite generic and can be used in many instances. Don’t get one pack if you get these. Get a few.

The third line consists of a weight, split rings and a eagle talon. Get the weights.

Please note start with something like a 1/2 ounce or less. Don’t be to small though. Anything bigger is really pointless unless you’re sea casting.

4. Stationery


Looking at the collective above the only thing missing here which gets me ready for school are colour pencils.

I’d like to touch on the file, styrofoam and straws.

The file is a good tool to have. With this you will be able to keep your hooks nice and sharp.

Always have a piece of styrofoam with you. I embed my used hooks with line in them. This prevents accidents and allows easy storage.

Straws are usually cut in halve and folded into a straw triangle. This takes the place of the bell and are quite expendable. This does not mean you can litter though. Line marking with a straw is a simple skill to have and does not spoil the tranquil like the bell.

Today is show down day at Port Klang and i have to be off soon.

Wish me luck. I’m gonna kick his ass!

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