Fishing Line: Your lifeline, literally. (A Beginners Guide)

This is literally the most important item required when fishing. Without this item it would be next to impossible to fish (Unless you’re and extremely good spear fisherman). With the progress of science and technology improved performing lines are being released by manufacturers to make the fishing experiences of the modern day angler better.

Other premium lures from brands such as ABU Garcia also available.

Premium lines in SS2

The science is very simple. The key is try all and use what you are most comfortable with. Fishing is a “to each its own” sport, so don’t be shy to experiment.

An essential point to remember is that there are three kinds of lines you can use to fish. These lines naturally come with a varying degree of tensile strength. The categories though have not changed for sometime.

The types are:


My fav Monos

These are the most affordable kind of line. A good line to use if you are starting. Very expendable.

This line was developed in the late 1930’s and because of its affordability has become the top choice of anglers around the world. says that two thirds of lines sold over the counter are monos.

The mono line is made by strewing plastic trough a machine. Just like how they make plastic. Since its quite cheap there are a lot of brands out there. Some being cheaper than the other.

One thing to help you choose is the YGWYP method. You Get What You Pay assessing usually helps.



Something i’m still allergic too

In my opinion. This is very strong line. A line you don’t want to have a birds nest with. A very expensive line. Very suitable for bigger more aggressive game fish due to its phenomenal strength.

There is a category of lines under this type of line. These are called super lines. Made from kevlar and other state of the art materials the super lines are stronger than steel. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for those.

Something i would recommend for the more intermediate angler. Migrate to this when you are very sure of your skills or if you are much richer.


Something I’m waiting to try

This is an invisible line (almost). Very difficult to be spotted in water this line was developed by the Japanese. Being very anal about presentation the Japanese scientists keep working hard to reduce its opacity.

Fluorocarbon is a polymer that does not absorb water and lose its shape easily. Its number one in Japan and anglers around the world are beginning to try them out.

Something worth pondering is that this line depends entirely line weight to rod weight ratio. The more heavier the line the rod needs to be a bit more heavier too. (Lay men terms)

Very important is to adjust your bait caster when playing with this line.

In a nutshell

Each of these type of line is most effective in very different settings. Ultimately you are the one that adjusts to the settings. The trick is to keep on trying and looking for what really is most successful for you. 

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