Section 18 Shah Alam, fancy any canal fishing?

We have been fishing very furiously in the Batu Lake of recent. Jahat has had some results. I’m yet to land a snakehead. Not to be disenchanted the dry season is showing its true colours. The heat really does get to you.


There is a rule of thumb here in Malaysia. Prohibitive signage means good fishing. However this place being itself this rule of thumbs legitimacy would come into question.  This is right next to a very busy roundabout anyways.

20130514_131256 20130514_131302

When looking of this one cannot help notice how closely it resembles the back canals of the thames that spread throughout London. Its similar to that but more murky and dirtier though.


To be frank there was no sign of anglers though. Perhaps the Shah Alam folk are really signage abiding citizens. Is there strict monitoring of this facility? Has anyone yielded any results from here? Please share.


What you see here folks is barely the surface of what Shah Alam has to offer. Perhaps we might be witnessing the next level of “kombat”? Who knows?



PS. We are looking for some contributors here at fishmalaysia. Think you have a tale to tell about a fish? Do send us one.


2 thoughts on “Section 18 Shah Alam, fancy any canal fishing?

  1. Botol..

    Bro..try out the road towards IPK shah up there till u find a left turn to a housing area.then take the 1st right n drive up till end of the housing area n u’ll see a big pond.its conected to bukit cherakah pond i think. Happy hunting!!


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