Adventure. Experience. Data.

We here at fishmalaysia are proud to present our new official website. Our site is running from our URL: We have come so far and it would not be possible without you: our readers. Thank you for your support!

The only way from here is upwards and we will be exploring ultimately the whole of Malaysia for the benefit of our readers!

Our main goal has always been to help anglers in Malaysia or those visiting Malaysia to make informed decisions on their experiences. We promise to fulfil this requirement and set this as the credo of our cause.

The tagline Adventure. Experience. Data is how we envisage this fishmalaysia animal to grow in to. We believe that we are not merely collecting fishing hotspots and angling resources, we are actually collecting data. The spots and the shops are being tagged for observation and scrutiny from none other than the readers themselves. The data we collect hopefully will help induce preservation or if needed enhancement to all the variables we have catalogued.

Adding scientific value need not be at a microscopic scale. All of us in any of our adventures should try and add scientific value to our experiences. The fish are there for a reason and it would be good to know it and share it. It would be also good to know how to keep them there.




visit page : here



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