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Where to fish in Malaysia / MPAJ Tournament / Pandan Perdana Lake

This is an upcoming tournament that is happening on Sunday (3rd March 2013). This is confirmed by one of the staff from MPAJ who were there. To get better info though please contact the organizers at 013-6363396 or 012-2922073.

Now with that out of the way the lake is very close to where I grew up. However this is the first time I’m visiting this place. One thing i noticed is that the banks are bloody steep.


One wrong step means a tumble into the lake…

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Where to buy fishing supplies / Kepong / Kepong tackle

This is a large shop that specializes in bot sea and freshwater fishing. When I say large shop what I mean is ginourmous. Three shop lots have had their walls torn down to help fit this angling mart.

Place has utter disregard for product placement, all but except the shimano section. Here’s a small tour of the shop.


The place was relatively easy to find despite my lack of knowledge of this part of the town. You can put me anywhere in KL except Kepong. I’ll never find my way properly here.

To get here look for the beige mall that has got Jaya Jusco on it. This is opposite it.

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Crocodile farm attempt with chef kannan!

Hi all,

After multiple attempts often some yielding no results at all, we made another attempt here. Kannan and myself seek a “speckled pavon”. Caesar was here earlier and his saw some tilapias which he in turn used as live bait again.

There’s something wrong with this place. Or there’s something wrong with us. There’s definitely something wrong with this picture. I reckon the thing is we’re all set for predators.

Funnily till late noon the normal toman that bosses around the lake was amiss. I’ve been itching for a fight with it for some time. With improved casting skills and technical know how its good as in the bag.

We’re quite chaotic when we go fishing. Funnily fishing isn’t. This is what we learnt today from a camera shy “ah pek”.

Here a pair of shots of what  we were passing our time about with.


A “patung” fish, gets their name thanks to its doll like eyes. Kannan is no beauty though.

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Where to buy fishing supplies / Kuala Lumpur / Sabre Tackles

This is another old timer in KL. They have a branch in singapore too. A purveyor of all items to make your sea fishing experience better.

My good friend Caesar likes going here. He’s a hardcore sea fisherman and this is a place he’d recommend anyone to go and check out.

I’d take his word for it. Man’s a sea freak.

Situated on Jalan Maharajalela, this place is right next to Hotel Mirama. To those who aren’t familiar with KL, its right outside the golden triangle.

Last i checked roman pillars died out with ancient rome...

Last i checked roman pillars died out with ancient rome…

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Where to buy fishing supplies / Kuala Lumpur / Vision Tackle

The above is a supplier (wholesaler) that does retailer. The caretakers and proprietors wished to not have any pictures taken hence I have no interior shots to respect their request.

Place has a large collection of rapalas and other kinds of lures along with fishing accessories. Stuff like bags and nets. Prices are very competitive and what caught my eye were some affordable braided lines.

A good place to go if you’re looking for a bargain.

Please bear in mind this place has not much rods though. There is another shop that is decked out not very far away for this.

pemborong.... hehehe

pemborong…. hehehe


I have a feeling i’ll be going here again sometime soon.


Where to fish in Malaysia / Subang / Shooting Range

At the roundabout that is before the Subang Airport take a 3 o’clock folks. From there drive till there is a mosque on our right and then turn left into what would look like a slip road. Keep going down that road till you come to an International school.

The shooting range is behind that school. Do not drive into the shooting range. Take the road that turns left in front of it and wallah!

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Where to fish in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / University Malaya

First and foremost you CAN’T fish here (or I was led to believe). Secondly, I am a big oaf for forgetting to bring my lures! Third and finally. This place has not seen the last of me.

For my kayaking buddies out there, here’s a place for you to paddle around freely to. It only costs RM 3 an hour if you’re a non UM student. So have fun!

In hallowed grounds one would think that you might find a hallowed fish. Folks I was not disappointed with the visual treat. But before we get to the good parts lets show you the place that was scouted.

2013-02-25 08.45.57

A cross between kayak and polo… Poyak

2013-02-25 08.46.19

Poyak kayaks available

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