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All the Catches Caught By Editor

Caught: Random Week

We kick things off with this excellent video of this diver chick who fishes. Man… and drool…

We love women who participate in fishing! Any kinds of fishing. We also love philosophical women. So this gal is a fine example.

Our forays to random watering holes have been rather fruitless. People seem to be “bangau”ing. The fish are there but the folk seem to be getting things mixed up.

Take this lone tilapia for example. The chap had been fishing for three hours before he decided to start snagging fishes.


One thing we like to look at here in Fishmalaysia are tanks. Not empty ones though. The aquariums around the city tend to have an interesting cacophony of scales.

Take these examples we found in a pair of aquariums in Gombak!

20130516_111008 20130516_111513 20130516_111843 20130516_111858 20130516_111905 20130516_112029


On another note. Sea Tackle in PJ are clearing their Rapalas. No idea on what are the discounts but apparently they will discontinue selling them. Maybe they might be switching their focuses more to Ofmer. We found some lovely lures there though if you’re going sea fishing this weekend.


DAM reels! Seem very antiquated though.

20130514_134932 20130514_134946

Well with that folks would be good if you could send in your pics and we’ll upload them. Good to share your adventures. Lots of people like to hear about them.



PS. Has everyone migrated? Nobody seems to be fishing.


Caught! Labour day fun @ EAK with a few twists here and there

Folks, fortune favours the bold. Its good to be bright to when going about your bold adventures. Pick the battles you can win and fight the really tough ones for the heck of it.

We kick things off with the champs from the Coarse fishing tourney!20130501_142435

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Caught in Taman Aman / Petaling Jaya

Fishing knows no prejudice. Anyone can fish. Old or young; slim or burly; dark or fair. In this case its this dark, middle-aged and burly gentleman who put my tech to shame (not so high tech as a matter of fact).

This guy’s setup dates back to the cradle of civilization. He was using a twig, some line and a hook. No reel, no bails, heck not even a swivel. His knots were horrendous to be frank. Presentation is not his forte.

Yet he caught more fish than me.

Here’s one that he caught. Biggest tilapia so far I’ve seen in Taman Aman.

this abang is terror.

this abang is terror.

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Caught! CNY week catches / Tame

No big ones during this period. I caught myself a Marble Goby. Rescued one of my tomans from an angler. The poor thing is still a baby and these dimwits still go after it. I keep telling all the anglers there. If you come across it, let it go. We need good sport fish in the waters.

This chap is an ace at such a young age.

This chap is an ace at such a young age.

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Pre CNY Catches!

Hi all,

Here are some of the catches we made from last night’s trip to mines.

Apparently our usual fishing spot which is next to the golf course is a no go zone. According to a guard that was posted there. So no fishing there for some time.

The guard added that its been like that for nearly a month already. Sounds like some misfits must have caused problems. I did notice from our day trip there the last time a good part of the fence broken. Shame on shitty Malaysian attitude.

However to appease our need to fish we sought a solution nearby…

Here’s the haul.

Caesar and his Keli

Caesar and his Keli

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