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150 new products launched by Bhagwati

Who would have thought of this? India has done it again! I’m pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about this news. Looking forward to see their range of wizardry and gadgetry!


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Interesting stuff in Kuchai Lama

See what I mean?

Interesting items here!

Yesterday while browsing shelves at this shop I came across a couple of interesting additions to this place. I was here looking for a surecatch dog, clips and “dedak”. I managed to get an albino dog (RM 12), sebile clips (RM 6) and assortment of dedak (RM 5). The interesting stuff was spotted at the counter.

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Yo-Zuri Lures for 2013!

by David Conway • February 7, 2013

Checking out patented color change, prism wave motion tech. Source

The new Yo-Zuri Sashimi Bull Metallic long casting popper.

Yo-Zuri has quite a few new innovations in their recently-released lure lines, for both fresh and salt water. Many of the lines have been completely redesigned for 2013. Recently, Florida Sportsman editors met with Yo-Zuri’s George Large, the man in charge of product development for the company. Editors wanted to see what’s new, what’s changed and what’s working best for Florida anglers. Though not many people know his name, George Large has had his hand in the development of many of Florida’s favorite fishing lures over his long career working for a few top lure makers.

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Coarse Friendly @ EAK : A tournament unlike any other

This tournament was unlike any other tournament held in Malaysia. To begin with the fishes were alive at the end of the tournament. To add on top of that they were released back into the water.

Kudos to the Coarse fishing friendly held yesterday at Empangan Air Kuning. There were about seven participants who pitted their skills against one another. The tourney took place in the upper dam targeting for herbivores carp, barb, chiclid or any other kind.

Tournament organizer Nafeez Khausar was one of the anglers themselves. Congratulations to him for successfully organising a milestone event for the Coarse Fishing sport here in Malaysia. Folks these chaps are excellent fishermen showing of their skills against one another with such camaraderie.


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Labour Day Greetings 2013!

Happy labour day too all!

After slugging for days in the office and running the rat race, finally a day that gives recognition and liberation. A day for you and me!

Avid anglers out there! If the time is right do take this chance to go fishing! Malaysia is littered with wonderful waters all around so take this opportunity to have fun! Albeit it being short its definitely worth it!

FIshing is fun regardless the amount of catch to prove it. Have a good labour day ahead. Hang up that “gone fishing ” sign and set out to your favourite spots.

No idea on where to go? Pillage the archives! We’ll set you straight!



PS. I started just now got myself a nice looking PB! To be frank nothing beats my Ofmer Shallow Shad!

20130430_181725 20130430_181733

Fishing Competition In Titiwangsa! (again)

Hi all this time around no cumbersome PEMM! These people are straightforward catch and kill buddies! Yeehaw!

Having some data on the place, we would like to share with you a thing or two about fishing here. Some ideas on bait fish and spots.

I’m sure all of us are familiar with the peacock phenomenon thats happening here in Malaysia. Titiwangsa is one of the hotspots for this species of fish. To be frank this fish is very easy to fish and so much fun to tackle.

The fight of a good peacock can be likened to that of a Tilapia on performance enhancing drugs.  Spirited, brisk yet not overwhelming. Excellent to be fished on a light tackle set up.



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Caught! An EAK expedition and a funny instance

Hi All,

After a couple of weeks hiatus in this segment we are finally back with it. To be honest the reason being the Hiatus would be the lack of opportunity to see lucky fishermen in spots.

We here in fishmalaysia.com worship the angler who catches a fish at any size. We worship the sheer joy of landing it.

Here are this weeks catches.


Pak Din and his Haruan for the day…

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