Caught! Labour day fun @ EAK with a few twists here and there

Folks, fortune favours the bold. Its good to be bright to when going about your bold adventures. Pick the battles you can win and fight the really tough ones for the heck of it.

We kick things off with the champs from the Coarse fishing tourney!20130501_142435


Caesar managed to hook an impressive Toman too while he was out fishing last week. A whopper at 2.4 Kilos. The fish fought bravely but being the angler he is, he got the better of it.


The labour day fun also saw other anglers taking to the waters at EAK. These chaps were all out with their worms an grub. Good fun!

20130501_121944 20130501_130752


Jahat had a bout too at an undisclosed location. Testing his grit at some night fishing. This yielded some results.


This is the first of the pair that was landed and subsequently released.




There was also an old man who struck the PB jackpot in Taman Aman! Congrats to the chap. Hopefully the parasites in the fish improves his IQ.20130428_162455 20130428_162501

A small treat for the chap below. Busy hunting the crayfish. Starting to detest the crayfish…

20130428_164655 20130428_164659

And to top it off. Rumours of a goliath tiger fish circulating in the markets of Malaysia is true. Here are some juveniles available for purchase!

20130426_171403 20130426_171406

A tank filled with more expatriate fishes…


Baby sebarau for anyone with a private pond!


More fishing mayhem will be coming your way soon. Good to know i have your support!



PS. Have an adventure this weekend. The whole nation is bracing itself in what might be its greatest adventure yet.


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