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USJ Heights: Updates and Interesting attempt

The weather was lousy last Friday. Lots of urban folk in the Klang valley must be tormented by such irregular weather and humidity. The tormenting is not only translating onto the streets but also the fishing. Angling in unpredictable weather tends to provide unusual and unyielding results.

Quite some time ago we featured an under construction site USJ Heights. We paid a visit on friday and were delightfully suprised. The previously restrictive area now has opened up and yes its a delightful water feature!





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Caught! Labour day fun @ EAK with a few twists here and there

Folks, fortune favours the bold. Its good to be bright to when going about your bold adventures. Pick the battles you can win and fight the really tough ones for the heck of it.

We kick things off with the champs from the Coarse fishing tourney!20130501_142435

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