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Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / Selangor / Port Klang

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Teman Setia Tackle (The one on the Main Road)


There are funnily two shops with the same name in Port Klang. This could mean: They are related, an ugly old feud or both of them together. Lets assume the most exciting on till we are made in the know.

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The Chase Is On

by Florida Sportsman Editor • April 25, 2013 •

Lure-and-fly combinations increase your fish-catching potential.

A fly riding on a dropper loop in front of the lure may stimulate a fish’s competitive instincts resulting in a strike.

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Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / KL / Young Pudu

Shops a very old one.

Situated in a central part of KL this place has been around forever. This is one of the oldest shops in the city, possibly the oldest dedicated towards fishing. Suspected family business.

Like many antiquated looking shops, these chaps also turned down the opportunity to be photographed. Fearing their luck will run away with the pictures and the competition will get an upper hand by knowing their “secrets”  the requests were adhered too.


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Scrape Your Tarpon Instead of Tagging

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by Bill Greer • April 25, 2013 • 0 Comments and 0 Reactions

Tagging is so 1990s…

With materials from a free kit, andgler swipes DNA material off tarpon’s outer jaw for analysis by the FWC.

Long ago, when Florida anglers began releasing tarpon, some would pull off a scale as a memento of a great battle. By the 1960s, the tables were turned and it was anglers leaving the fish with a memento, a coded plastic anchor tag that could be identified in the event the fish was recaptured.

Today, we’re again taking something from the fish—a tiny bit of skin cells.

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Taylor’s Lake, Private Colleges should be like this.

I’m from Taylors too. Look at where its gotten me…

Situated or more like cordoned of in one part of Sunway this establishment is proof that all those years slugging in shop lots and drab blocks has finally paid off. The students here have an environment unlike any other. The chaps in the fishing club are quite lucky.

Usuall we pay no attention towards prohibitive signs. No Fishing means good fishing. However the board today  read: No Private Fishing. This stumped us and we loitered around confused not knowing what to do.

Funny how a single word can floor a rebel. I guess kudos to the chaps who paid attention to detail. We respect that.

if not private, public then?

if not private, public then?

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Limited edition Rapalas @ SS2 Fishing Fever Angler

For those of you who don’t know this shop. This is a small and industrious shop situated in the PPR of SS2. This PPR is right next to SS2 mall. Worth checking out as this lady carries a good selection of premium lures.

Read more about the shop here. Did not include the map in the last one. So here is the updated version with the maps.

SS2 Fishing Fever Angler

The arrivals begin with a set of limited edition Rapalas. These shads both divers and shallow runners will not be made again apparently. So what you see is what you would get.


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