Caught in Taman Aman / Petaling Jaya

Fishing knows no prejudice. Anyone can fish. Old or young; slim or burly; dark or fair. In this case its this dark, middle-aged and burly gentleman who put my tech to shame (not so high tech as a matter of fact).

This guy’s setup dates back to the cradle of civilization. He was using a twig, some line and a hook. No reel, no bails, heck not even a swivel. His knots were horrendous to be frank. Presentation is not his forte.

Yet he caught more fish than me.

Here’s one that he caught. Biggest tilapia so far I’ve seen in Taman Aman.

this abang is terror.

this abang is terror.

This week becomes interesting.

1. We are going into the hartamas lake on monday.

2. Review of a shop in Seri Kembangan. (I use the word review very loosely here, its actually an insertion into our soon to be very big database)

3. Bring you 1 site outside the Klang Valley. I’m looking at all options now.

4. The usual interesting catches and also the exciting ones too!

5. We hope you have tonnes of fishing fun!



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