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January 2013 Harvest

Caught! Fishes from Empangan Air Kuning

Here are some pics of fishes we caught from Empangan Air Kuning.

Modest catches. Point to note is that Pacu (Pa-Koo) are very spirited fighters no matter what size they are. We were joined by an online buddy too called KL Ng. We should have a chat again Ng if you appear next time!

A Selat fish. To all our friends with very rhotic accents it is similar to the word "slut"

A Selat fish. To all our friends with very rhotic accents it is similar to the word “slut”

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Correction! Error in species.

Hi all,

I would like to apologise in wrongly specifying a species. I am extremely sorry and embarassed about this. Shows that i have along way more to go!

IMG_0486 IMG_0485 IMG_0484According to one of my commentators this is a tongsan or big head carp. apologies again!


Caught! feat. Malaysian Method Feeder exponent Mr. Nafeez Khaursar

Method feeder method. Has a nice ring to it. A serious yet exciting way to angle for fish. Mr. Nafeez demonstrated possibly the finest form a exponent can display at anytime. I am proud to say that I have met him and he’s Malaysian. Folks keeps your ears open this sport is something to check out.

Lets look at the results.

(Please take note that i was sitting next to this man for 2 hours only!)

A lampam this big!

A lampam this big!

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Catches So Far

Hi All,

Some of these catches are not mine. I take my cam with me to every location and snap what the local anglers there land.

What i would really enjoy is if you guys were to share your catches with me. If you have any catches you are really proud of. Send me a link or an email to:

Do make sure to smile and send me your best shots.

red clawed crawfish

red clawed crawfish

I have done a look up on the net thanks to a lead given by Caesar and apparently these crayfishes are introduced species that breed very fast.

Do read the link.

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Sambil Casting, sambil pancing Udang..

Hi all,

Here’s my catch from yesterday evening’s casting session in Taman Aman. I practice my casting there in the evenings and i have come up with a plan of not going home empty handed anymore.

So while I’m casting for haruan, peacock or a toman. I’ll normally set up a net for some prawns. I think its in season now. I got four good sized ones which are in my tank now.

Do join me there if you can!

lagi lagi udang!