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Jahat’s Journal. An edge we all need. A beginning of an online phenomenon.

Eizzat Jahat

First and foremost we would like to welcome Eizzat “Jahat”. Our columnist for the malay language feature section for Link is the jump:

Jurnal Jahat!

He is the very first independent contributor in our site and will be posting us with all his endeavors and adventures in various places he will be visiting. An accomplished online writer, Jahat is a contributor towards a few cycling blogs. This would be the fixie kind of cycling. I personally have an admiration for these cyclists as they have such energy and will to cycle wherever their hearts desire to go to.  Jahat of course is an accomplished fixie cyclist himself with a huge passion for angling.

Jahat’s Journal represents an antithesis of what is fishing in Malaysia. Something what we here at is striving to be. To bring you down a beaten path and see it in a whole new perspective. To take you to unchartered waters and let you decide the outcome.

Please take this as a sign of things to come. We are striving to create a malaysian online outdoor adventure charter. This should bring hope to the people that there is still a lot to do outdoors.

There is no patronage and we heavily disapprove of such practices. We are you. We hit and we miss just like everyone else. We do and we get better. We work hard. We share what we know. We fish and we love it.

We seek to share the joys of anglers, as we are all one in front of any body of water. Regardless of creed and culture.

Do look out for his next posting. Personally, I have had the pleasure of fishing with him and he is a gung ho angler. We also share a favourite haunt thats being depleted sadly. If we had known any sooner we would run riot at mines.



PS. Jahat’s journal is in Malay. There will be translation provided for this by myself.




Where to buy tackle supplies in Melbourne / The Compleat Angler

This place is in Flinders Lane. Its right on top of a yellow pub. Ancient looking exterior with interior to match.

Like its name suggest this is a complete place to get your supplies from. Method fishermen, there are match rods and feeder rods here. I got myself a couple of feeders from this shop too.

LIke all the shops here in Australia. The pricing scheme is quite competitive for the Australian market. There is a friendly chap here that will give you hand with everything.


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Where to buy fishing supplies in Melbourne / J.M. Turville

This is very near the Queen Victoria Market. Something like a block down and turn left. A few Malaysian restaurants found nearby.

At the time of the observation there was a sale. The place is a nicely equipped shop with a good collection of lures.  Has a myriad of reels all very competitively priced for the Australian market.

A nice spacious and comfortable setting to do your shopping. The place is not very boat centric so it is a choice to come and visit when looking for your gear. A big plus would be its location again.



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Fishing Knots / The Uni-Knot

Its been awhile since i put up one of these.

I found this knot while reading up the reviews on the Berkley Iron Silk line. Its a line with a lot of mixed reactions. Some totally loathe it and some heavily defend it.

One of the defenders recommended that this knot be used with the line. Apparently it holds well and you get better results. Its worth a shot anyways.

For those in the know do respond with your thoughts on the knot. For those who have not seen this before, give it a go and do tell.

Uni Knot Step 1

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Where to buy fishing supplies in Melbourne / C. H. Smith Marine

This place is a hardcore marine supplier.

Boating and fishing go hand in hand. This place covers all the necessary grounds. So if you’re looking for some parts for your boat in Australia along with some tackle equipment, please consider visiting this place.

If you’re looking to solely buy tackle and line. Still worth a visit if you’re fishing fairly deep waters. I am yet to understand what works in Melbourne.


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Where to fish in Melbourne / Ivanhoe / Fairfield Park

The idea is you can fish anywhere in Melbourne. Problem is despite this there are adders everywhere and they have a very nasty bite.

Brown snakes being aplenty in Melbourne very few places are safe to fish here because of this. Its quite serious this phenomenon. To give you an idea whats it like:

Lets just say that there is a thicket about 30 feet wide and beyond that would be a nice clean stream. It still will not be safe to trudge through because of the vermin. So be mindful of this and work around nature. Access the waterways that have been structured by man. One way to be sure that you will be able to fish lest the adder threat.



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Where to buy supplies in Melbourne / Ray’s Outdoors

G’day from Australia mateys. Hope alls well up north with good weather for a fine round of fishing.

I arrived yesterday without as much as a single line of fishing gear on me. With worries that it might not meet the government of Australia’s safety standards. My items after all has taken a beating in the freshwaters of Malaysia day in and out.

Today was the first excursion into the city of Melbourne. Ray’s Outdoors was a chance encounter and it bared some hope to further exploit angling possibilities in Australia. Do take note that we will be highlighting on how to about fishing in the state of Victoria.


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Where to fish in Malaysia / Shah Alam / Pulau Angsa Residence

I have conveniently forgotten the name of the gated community. This was never intentional.

Rest assured folks, this place is a gem of a place to be in. There is a picturesque charm about this place which is yet to be explored. Kayakers out there please take note and give me your input. Same goes to anglers who have been there. I would like to formally approach these people.

The place has got some beautiful waters with very picturesque debris.  For some strange reason, flashes of scenes from the movie anaconda seem to resonate from this place. These suggest adventure!



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