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No point in showing the new products only. How do we collect testimonials?

Hong Meng of Sri Gombak. Quiet little shop with some good stuff.

When was the last time you fished in the area of Gombak? Situated in mountain range quite honestly Gombak has got a lot of hidden gems.  We start with a resource centre.


Before you go hunting for this place. There is another blog out there that suggests a shop is available in Jalan SG 1/1. This shop is no longer available as the building owner must have changed for a more lucrative deal with the CIMB bank. So need not go there. Some say there is a shop too in 1/5 this is futile too.


Hong Meng is situated right on the slope past the school. It is this quaint corner shop here. We love shops like these. We never know what we might find. These shops in some instances have transitions of styles of angling over the decades in Malaysia.

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TCE Tackle Cheras: A closer look at what they have

TCE Tackle if said repeatedly very fast would sound like testicle. A big player in the local market this chain of stores guarantee affordability with some extent of quality. These chaps here must have an excellent PR/ Marketing crew as they have affirmative branding and merchandising in all their stores.


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Where to buy fishing supplies/ Petaling Jaya: SS2 Fishing Fever Angler

Situated right next to SS2 shopping mall

Situated right next to SS2 shopping mall

Quite recently i discovered this angling supply shop in Petaling Jaya. It is situated in the PPR right next to the new shopping mall in SS2 (SS Two Mall).

Very simple to get there. Go straight past where the Rothman’s round-a-bout used to be till SS Two Mall. Drive up the ramp and you will see the shop. From there getting into the PPR compound is a hop, skip and jump away. (No don’t do this from the ramp/ what i meant was that its easy!!!)

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