TCE Tackle Cheras: A closer look at what they have

TCE Tackle if said repeatedly very fast would sound like testicle. A big player in the local market this chain of stores guarantee affordability with some extent of quality. These chaps here must have an excellent PR/ Marketing crew as they have affirmative branding and merchandising in all their stores.


Taking shots of the shop will be something entirely redundant to do. All the shops are the same here or anywhere! We however were interested in the items they carry. What do you get for your ringgits spent here?

So we pried with our lenses and liked what we had to see.  What we have done is chose some choice items for you too look at if you’re an angler on a budget! If you’re a darn good angler you’d appreciate the cost cutting quite a bit.


20130510_124229 20130510_124232

The Ajiking 4000 is an in-house item indigenous to TCE. Fairly affordable for a 4000 sized premium reel. Looks well machined and feels sturdy. We’ll wait for stories on what this thing can achieve.

20130510_124329 20130510_124332

The Tomman 5000 bait-runner reel. Possibly the most affordable bait-runner reel in the market right now. I have not seen anything cheaper yet. If you have please enlighten me.

20130510_124459 20130510_124505

Affordable fly line! It would be interesting to see what reactions the fly-fishing folk would have for the item above. If anything affordable fly-lines are most welcome in my books.

20130510_124959 20130510_125005

To keep up with the whole fly-fishing theme TCE has some very affordable waders. Now less excuses to pick up fly fishing!

20130510_125134 20130510_125144

The items above would cost twice as much from any premium brand. Now we can all follow the belief’s of the late Doug Hannon or any other decent American angler: Catch, Weigh, Photograph and Release. Kudos to these chaps for these are the tools that help inhibit the whole CNR mentality. (Just IN Case: The more cheaper these things the less it costs for people take them up and associate with the cause)


And finally a new release. This reel above has umpteen amount of ball bearings. Anyone fortunate enough to try it out do tell how different it is from another spinning reel.



PS. If the populous is given the tools that suggest catch and release. Its a matter of time before the idea sinks in.


2 thoughts on “TCE Tackle Cheras: A closer look at what they have

  1. joymihar rahiman

    macam mana kalau saya ini mengorder barang pancing boleh tuan bagikan saya catalog barang-barang pancing yg diljual dari syarikat tuan. untuk pengetahuan tuan saya ini dari brunei Darussalam, saya berminta dengan peralatan pancing yang dijual di kedai tuan..


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