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Section 18 Shah Alam, fancy any canal fishing?

We have been fishing very furiously in the Batu Lake of recent. Jahat has had some results. I’m yet to land a snakehead. Not to be disenchanted the dry season is showing its true colours. The heat really does get to you.


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Legasi Pay Pond Sungai Buloh

Anglers are people and have many preferences. Some anglers like to fish for predators and vicious fighters. Some like to fish for caps, barbs and catfish. Often in general an angler would find himself switching from one side to another according to the season. So today’s location is most suited for the angler of carps, barbs and catfish.


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Lee Hin Port Klang, Best choice in the area.

One of the better areas in the vicinity. Do take note that you would have to drive under the bridge and U turn at the end to get here. Roads in these parts can be tricky.


Somewhat further away from the rest this place is like a anglers cache. You can arm yourselves here. However based on the principle of less photos less talk a very brief piece.

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Patin River Opposite UKM

Folks this is place is quite open to the public. Please leave the “kombat” to a professional. We here at fishmalaysia often have your personal safety first in mind followed by your fishing satisfaction.

Patin a catfish that has mixed reactions across the pallets. Some love them while others are indifferent or simply loath them. To the angler this would be an acquired taste to the experience of catching one. Some stories have likened it to the trawling of a garbage bag from the depths. Other accounts liken it towards reeling in a belly dancer from one of her ornaments. A tough situation to describe.

Courtesy of the internet.

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Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / Selangor / Port Klang

We will be adjusting these posts soon. This is to make way for a directory function on our dedicated site.

Teman Setia Tackle (The one on the Main Road)


There are funnily two shops with the same name in Port Klang. This could mean: They are related, an ugly old feud or both of them together. Lets assume the most exciting on till we are made in the know.

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