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Given the chance, I will try new stuff. Other than that straight forward product introduction and if any some testimonials.

150 new products launched by Bhagwati

Who would have thought of this? India has done it again! I’m pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about this news. Looking forward to see their range of wizardry and gadgetry!


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Megabass XLUSH

Some of us will never buy this lure out of pure principle. Being Megabass it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. I have a big question mark though. What kind of difference does the Megabass make compared to the others out there?

A pencil poller that doesn’t pop like a conventional popper. Interesting indeed. Please take a look at this video on how the japs are using the lure.


Beautiful indeed

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The original fishing snake by Doug Hannon

Hi folks, have not seen anyone using this lure before. However having said that it must be quite limited here in Malaysia. From what we see though it must be one heck of lure!

Natural Motion Lure’s Original Fishing Snake
Written by: Frank Hilton (circa 2011)



The Original Fishing Snake is the ULTIMATE topwater lure that looks and acts just like a snake. The Fishing Snake floats on the surface and when used correctly can catch hugh bass. The Fishing Snake is made out of a material called Duracone® and it is very durable and flexible. The Fishing Snake can also be used with a weight if you like to fish on the bottom.

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9 Power Frogs!

Which we have not seen in Malaysia at all. Sg folk do give feedback on this.

by Steve Quinn

Avid bass anglers know fishing fake frogs is one of the hottest techniques today for catching big bass. They’re fun too, producing heart-stopping blow-ups back in the sticks, or right at boatside. I’ve loaded the boat with additions like the Booyah Pad Crasher, Livetarget Field Mouse, and Strike King Sexy Frog, new last year, as well as old favorites—Scum Frog, SPRO Bronzeye, and various editions of the Snag Proof. But as the weather starts to warm, I’m getting the itch to try the latest year-class of yummy amphibians. Here’s are 9 great fake frogs for bass to try in 2013.


01 bizzbaitspaddaddy

Bizz Baits Pad Daddy

With cream-color belly and the same great eyes as the Slop Swimmer, Pad Daddy looks like it will put the hurt on pad-loving lunkers as it buzzes through the slop. It’s designed to always swim with belly down and has a deep hook groove on the back.

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Interesting stuff in Kuchai Lama

See what I mean?

Interesting items here!

Yesterday while browsing shelves at this shop I came across a couple of interesting additions to this place. I was here looking for a surecatch dog, clips and “dedak”. I managed to get an albino dog (RM 12), sebile clips (RM 6) and assortment of dedak (RM 5). The interesting stuff was spotted at the counter.

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Yo-Zuri Lures for 2013!

by David Conway • February 7, 2013

Checking out patented color change, prism wave motion tech. Source

The new Yo-Zuri Sashimi Bull Metallic long casting popper.

Yo-Zuri has quite a few new innovations in their recently-released lure lines, for both fresh and salt water. Many of the lines have been completely redesigned for 2013. Recently, Florida Sportsman editors met with Yo-Zuri’s George Large, the man in charge of product development for the company. Editors wanted to see what’s new, what’s changed and what’s working best for Florida anglers. Though not many people know his name, George Large has had his hand in the development of many of Florida’s favorite fishing lures over his long career working for a few top lure makers.

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