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150 new products launched by Bhagwati

Who would have thought of this? India has done it again! I’m pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about this news. Looking forward to see their range of wizardry and gadgetry!


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Migration Notice

Folks we will be migrating to our fishmalaysia.com outfit real soon! Our new layout will promise some world class reading.

This is not our destination but the very beginning of our journey!

site shot


Thank you for your support so far! We will strive to do better!

Selamat Tahun Baru Cina / Gong Xi Fa Cai / Happy Chinese New Year

We here at fishmalaysia.com would like to wish all our readers who are celebrating or just simply enjoying the holidays a happy chinese new year!

Since it is the year of the snake we recommend the fish to catch during this festive season to be none other than a Snakehead!

So put on your fighting gear and get ready to rumble!

even jeremy gets it…

It would be fun if you could inbox me all your snakehead catches.


I will be waiting with a bated breath for them



Happy Fishing New Year!

Hi all,

Happy new year to everyone. I hope this year my fellow fishermen you snag a lot of bass and pretty women!

My 2013 plans would be to:

1. Cover one site a week.

2. Compile all the sites into one directory.

3. Start catching some serious fish. (Start catching fishes!)

4. Improve on my bait casting skills.

5. Pick up fly fishing and swimming.

Dear all i hope to make this the informative and resource hub for anglers in Malaysia and for those who plan to visit Malaysia to angle.

I promise to keep out very “hood” jargons and not get ahead of myself.