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150 new products launched by Bhagwati

Who would have thought of this? India has done it again! I’m pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about this news. Looking forward to see their range of wizardry and gadgetry!


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Interesting stuff in Kuchai Lama

See what I mean?

Interesting items here!

Yesterday while browsing shelves at this shop I came across a couple of interesting additions to this place. I was here looking for a surecatch dog, clips and “dedak”. I managed to get an albino dog (RM 12), sebile clips (RM 6) and assortment of dedak (RM 5). The interesting stuff was spotted at the counter.

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First quarter released products

Hi All,

in 2013 some cutting edge tech was released by the fishing scientists in the USA and France. The products are from the labs of berkley and sebile. Here’s a look at what they have.


Product Feature (Jan 2013) Product Feature (Feb 2013)


I for one would vouch for berkeley here. Those yanks really make good string. Iron Silk is bloody strong.

Thanks to pure fishing for the input!



PS. So Strong that you might break your rod first before you break the line.