The original fishing snake by Doug Hannon

Hi folks, have not seen anyone using this lure before. However having said that it must be quite limited here in Malaysia. From what we see though it must be one heck of lure!

Natural Motion Lure’s Original Fishing Snake
Written by: Frank Hilton (circa 2011)



The Original Fishing Snake is the ULTIMATE topwater lure that looks and acts just like a snake. The Fishing Snake floats on the surface and when used correctly can catch hugh bass. The Fishing Snake is made out of a material called Duracone® and it is very durable and flexible. The Fishing Snake can also be used with a weight if you like to fish on the bottom.


  • Made with soft and flexible Durocone® material
  • Molded in “S” shape for optimum action
  • Floats even with rigged hook
  • Available sizes: 11″ (paddle tail) • 14″ (curly tail)
  • Available colors: White Albino, Red Viper, Brown Rat, Black Moccasin, Green Grass
  • When ordered online: Comes with 4 – 4/0 or 5/0 worm hooks
  • Colors are individually wrapped
  • Has cut hook cavity on top to embed hook and make weedless
viper red, chatreuse and moccasin black

viper red, chatreuse and moccasin black


The Fishing Snake is best used with this rod-reel-line setup…

  • 7′ to 8′ Medium to Heavy action rod
  • Spinning reel is recommended, but bait cast will work too
  • 20-30lb (or even 65lb) Braid without or with Vanish Fluorocarbon leader (1.5 ft.)
  • 4.2.1 (or 5.2.1) Ratio with brass gears. To ensure big bass don’t destroy your reel


The Fishing Snake has incredible life-like snake action that coils and retracts. You would rig the bait with a normal Texas rig 4/0 or 5/0 worm hook. The best way to fish the snake is to just fish it like a real snake. If you are near a shore, cast the bait onto the shore and slowly slither it into the water. When in the water, slowly twitch it forward a few snaps and let it rest for 10 seconds, then repeat. You can also vary how long you let it set still. When it is still the bait retracts and looks like it is in it’s defensive posture… the bass usually strikes when either the lure is moving slow or not at all. You have to use patience when using the snake.



Sometimes when a bass hits the bait, she will miss. If this happens you can either let it sit still or move it quickly just a few feet to give the bass the impression that it is fleeing. When a bass does strike the bait, count to 3 or 4 before hooking it. This give the bass time to take it under and really get it in it’s mouth. Here are some places and ways to use the bait.

  • Slither it from shores into the water.
  • Use it on heavy weed mats and lily pads
  • Slither it through grass and reeds
  • Use it over rock piles.
  • Add a weight and fish it on the bottom


Most fish; Bass, Pike, Musky and other fish do eat snakes. Snakes are also a natural enemy of Bass because during the spawn, snakes feed on baby frye. Bass will often strike snakes during the spawn. So, not only is the spawn a good time to fish the snake, the summer and fall months are good as well because of the weeds.



The Fishing Snake can be purchased on Natural Motions Lure’s web site. The snakes come in different packages and quantities. They have several price packages ranging from $54 to $39. That turns out to be about $2 per snake. You have to remember though, that the Duracone made snake will last much longer then normal worms do.


I purchased a package of the $39 snakes at the end of the summer (2010) before I ever started this web site. So, this is not just a sales pitch… THESE BAITS REALLY WORK!!

The very first time I tried the “White Albino” colored snake; and about the 10th cast. I caught a 3.08 oz pound largemouth!! I was hooked. I had several other nice hits on it, but lost them.

I only consistanly use 5 topwater baits (The Snake, Buzz bait, Zara Spook, Floating Swimbait and Frog). The Fishing Snake is one of my best weed baits.

I strongly recommend that you get some of these snakes… they are awesome!!

Folks if any of you have had a chance to use this lure please share your experiences here on the page. Would be good to let our fellow anglers explore the benefits of it in our waters.



PS. Maybe we can take some toman action clips.



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