Hong Meng of Sri Gombak. Quiet little shop with some good stuff.

When was the last time you fished in the area of Gombak? Situated in mountain range quite honestly Gombak has got a lot of hidden gems.  We start with a resource centre.


Before you go hunting for this place. There is another blog out there that suggests a shop is available in Jalan SG 1/1. This shop is no longer available as the building owner must have changed for a more lucrative deal with the CIMB bank. So need not go there. Some say there is a shop too in 1/5 this is futile too.


Hong Meng is situated right on the slope past the school. It is this quaint corner shop here. We love shops like these. We never know what we might find. These shops in some instances have transitions of styles of angling over the decades in Malaysia.

20130516_124623 20130516_124633

The shop is run by this polite lady. Its a small shop that has thought of everything an angler might need. There is even a seat box if you look in the top right of the picture below.

20130516_124641 20130516_124645

Gear here is rudimentary. Most fish can be caught with the stuff here. However if you’re a bait casting looking for a specialist lure please try somewhere else. They do have lures here but its the essential minnows, spinners and poppers.

20130516_124650 20130516_124659

One thing we enjoy seeing is also the colloquial style of solutions. From cheap straw hats, air badak and ciggarettes. This is probably the first shop came across selling essential items for anglers. I think the master stroke that got me was the air badak.

20130516_124706 20130516_124715

Hong Meng has a balanced collection of reels. Worth taking a look if you’re in the vicinity. Not sure about the pricing scale but they carry popular models.


There is also a collection of antiquated reels. If you’re looking for to start a collection. You can visit here to see what this charming lady might have.



PS. Try not to come here when school’s out. Traffic can be horrendous.


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