Sportline Pro Fishing Shop

How are you folks today? What are your plans this weekend? Anything exciting or just plain restocking? If you are restocking here’s a place you can look at.

20130514_120611 20130514_120630

The shop has been around for a decade in the area. It carries a large amount of Rapala and Storm lures. Has a good collection with some of the sought after colours still available.

20130514_120902 20130514_121032 20130514_121126

Besides the omnipresent Rapalas the shop does carry lures from other brands.The more affordable Ofmers, Abu Garcia and Berley lures are littered all over the landscape. There is also a very premium lure shelf. Worth taking a look at when hunting for a lure.

20130514_120914 20130514_121304 20130514_121307


Sport Line Pro has an accomplished collection of reels up for sale too. They range from the very premium Shimanos and Abu’s to the likes of the affordable Ofmers and others.

20130514_121521 20130514_121248 20130514_121233

The shop is a complete and friendly shop. If you’re looking for anything the chaps are more than happy to help you out to their best. Do take note that they have a customisation service where the workmanship is fixed at RM 200 – RM 300. Besides that there are more stuff to look at too.

20130514_121427 20130514_12122820130514_12125720130514_12155320130514_121402

There was a place of interest very close to this place. We will be making a trip to this area again to try and access and see what are the possibilities. Do stay tuned



PS. Pancingan tahap kombat…

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