Hi All,

I’ve just picked up the sport of bait-casting and to be honest it was not easy to begin with. I had to do away with one spool of very expensive thread for the normal line as it got tangled beyond me. The beginners mee goreng.

Very important to all that are planning to pick up this sport. Please have your thumbs intact and be ready to use them. Just a matter of mastering the timing. Once you have that sorted, everything else will fall in place.

Here are some videos that helped me through the experience:

After improving considerably today i noticed my casting has doubled in length and i am getting more “kisses” on my spinner bait.

The sad thing about spinnerbaits here is that the brand which i like “OFMER” has got a very large hook. I’ve tried other brands of spinners but the don’t have the rigidity of OFMER.

I would also have to thank the “abang” at Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd. for helping me out today by giving me some pointers.

Please also take note that we will be covering competitions soon.

I will be getting and posting all competition details for the calendar year of 2013! Hopefully the world does not end by then.


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