Tying a knot

Hi All,

Have been away for the past one week. I was in Sabah as a matter of fact practicing my bait casting. Well having said that it was not much practice either as It was a few blind casts in the middle of the night into the sea. All this of course happened in front of the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru.

Juggling quality holiday time with your burning passion can be quite a feat.

My constant practice with my bait-caster set up is slowly paying off. I have had not had a birds nest so far since yesterday. The gears on the side marked 1 -10 are actually meant for reel speed. Where ten being the highest point of resistance. This discovery helped a lot and my bait casting has significantly improved.

My deepest regret would be all that spools of wasted line that i scissored away in the jetty of the waterfront in Tanjung Aru. Not to worry though friends. I made sure i binned them all proper in the bin and not blindly toss them into the sea.

Being glad with my newfound technique i realised that i have for to five spools lying around the house all with a varying degree of usage. With very poor knotting methods i trawled the net to significantly improve.

Guess what.

I found the ultimate guide a fisherman will ever need to learn about tying a knot. Everyone should spend at least a few mins watching the tutorials and reading the content from this baby.

I learnt how to do the ALBRIGHT SPECIAL and I will never look back again!

Albright Special! This is a must!

Kudos to the great effort that has gone into this site.

Please watch and learn! Click the link below to jump!

Fishing Knots!


One thought on “Tying a knot

  1. richardmax22

    Having switched many of my spinning reels to braid, I looked for a reliable knot to connect my mono leader to. Most I found were terribly complicated. Then I discovered the Albright Knot. Like you, I have never looked back. Simple and easy to tie.


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