Choosing your reel! (Freshwater Fishing)

A fine looker

The second part of my beginners guide to fishing encompasses the area of choosing your reel. In this section we will take a look at the types of reels available in the market for those who want to pick up freshwater fishing. The reel mechanism is quite generic and the only difference with sea reels is the proportions.

There are three types of reels you can choose from. They are called.

  1. Open Bail Spinner reels
  2. Casting reels
  3. Closed Spin Casting reels


This is a durable & hardy reel. This is essentially the beginners reel. Casting line with this reel requires one to simply open the bail and toss to where they desire too. Once the bait has reached the desired destination the bail has to be clicked back to a locked position.

Do take note:

Please grasp on to the line with your fore finger when the bail is open. Or the line will free fall. When tossing let go of the line just like releasing a trigger.

A spinner reel

Spinner reels are usually placed below the rod. They are very simple to use and operate. These rods are also very flexible so having this you can practically fish anywhere.


These reels are very left-handed if i may say so. They have an anti reverse gear lock that is quite suitable for catching big powerful fighting fishes.

Spinner reels

Unlike spinner reels these reels are mounted on the top of the rod and the lines from the reel usually run through the rings above the rod.

When using this reel. It is important to use heavier lures. The added momentum allows more effective casting.


This reel functions like a common spinner reel but is placed on the top of the rod like a casting reel. It can be considered a hybrid.

Closed Spin Casting Reel

Instead of a metal bail the spin casting reel uses its metal cup to reel in it line. This is achieved with pins in the mechanism itself.

The metal cup is also useful in protecting the spool within it.


When choosing a reel its good to start with something affordable and quick to assemble. A reel well used and looked after can last a long time.

Happy fishing.


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