USJ Heights: Updates and Interesting attempt

The weather was lousy last Friday. Lots of urban folk in the Klang valley must be tormented by such irregular weather and humidity. The tormenting is not only translating onto the streets but also the fishing. Angling in unpredictable weather tends to provide unusual and unyielding results.

Quite some time ago we featured an under construction site USJ Heights. We paid a visit on friday and were delightfully suprised. The previously restrictive area now has opened up and yes its a delightful water feature!





Being a highly secure gated community this place promises some good fishing when it completed. Quite eager to see the type of fish that will be introduced by the management. Ultimately we will be introducing some of our own choice of fishes too.

More pics of the lovely place. Good to be a resident here, if you are one.

20130517_111659 20130517_111703 20130517_111718 20130517_111752

Place has got a few good piers to stand from. The depth can be assumed to be approximately 3 metres deep. I’d be darned if the management is silly enough to release carp and nonsense like that.

20130517_112006 20130517_112355

We will observe more in the coming months.

Next would be a Tilapia attempt in a flood water retention centre. This is very near to USJ Heights. Its right next to te guard house in USJ three.

The water in the centre is still the colour of teh tarik. The numbers of the tilapia has not dwindled and has no sign of dwindling. There were some japanese carp spotted here too. While there we spotted a foreign worker spear fishing with a rudimentary javelin.

20130517_124412 20130517_124739 20130517_125438

The waters here are filled with debris and possibly quite filthy (it is). While here we experience 2 bouts of drizzle. Fishing would be quite paltry today then.

Using simple bread and a hook slightly bigger than a match hook we casted it into the community. The hook we used was anchored and not running.

20130517_131546 20130517_133220 20130517_133918

The fish here are breeding and multiplying and growing. FIsh here are thriving! Some bigger ones were spotted with some attitude. Large splashes were seen leaping through the water.

Do not catch to eat here. Best to catch for fun. Waters here are heavily polluted for real.



PS. Netters will get a very bad rash if they try and swim in these waters.


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