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Best Summer Lures and Flies: 15 Secret Weapons from Fishing Guides and Professional Anglers

Summer here in Malaysia is perpetual. Some of us are even sick of it. However a select few of people (anglers) welcome the heat.

Bass fishing is becoming bigger in Malaysia. Folks are starting to look for good sized bass to fish. Lets pick a few tips from across the pacific to help us improve our game.

Article by Will Brantley, Joe Cermele, Kirk Deeter, Mark Hicks, and Don Wirth. Uploaded on May 20, 2013

We reached out to 15 of the country’s top guides and pros—you know, the guys who get paid to reel in largemouths, smallmouths, trout, crappie, cats, walleyes, striped bass, and more—and asked them about what they rely on most to catch big fish come some. Here are their answers. You’d better clear room in your tackle box.

1. Bomber Badonk-A-Donk SS

“My go-to for nighttime tarpon in the summer is Bomber’s Badonkadonk SS,” says Captain Robert Trosset, a Florida tarpon captain. “It sinks slowly and has a really natural action underwater when you start twitching. For whatever reason, when the tarpon in the channels won’t touch anything else, I’ll get a fish to hit one of these lures.”

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