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USJ Heights: Updates and Interesting attempt

The weather was lousy last Friday. Lots of urban folk in the Klang valley must be tormented by such irregular weather and humidity. The tormenting is not only translating onto the streets but also the fishing. Angling in unpredictable weather tends to provide unusual and unyielding results.

Quite some time ago we featured an under construction site USJ Heights. We paid a visit on friday and were delightfully suprised. The previously restrictive area now has opened up and yes its a delightful water feature!





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Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / USJ Heights

This is a flood water collection pond.

The water is horrendous but so inviting. If you’re just fishing for fun. This is one place to check out.

If you’re planning to eat these fish. Do so at your own risk. The world can use one less dolt.


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Where to fish in Malaysia / Kuala Lumpur / Bangsar

A few days ago on facebook I mentioned that I will be highlighting the poshest place to fish in Malaysia. Here it is. The one and only Bangsar Flood Water Collection center. Albeit it being the poshest it is not exactly the best place. To be frank it is quite miserable.

With very bad water Caesar (who’s a resident of Bangsar anyways) and myself endured some very miserable fishing today.

The place has got some fish but no big game. Think of it as like an as long as you fish pond. I think this would offer some sort of solace towards hardcore anglers. Not enough to appease you but can keep you going place.

A rather uneventful trip and to be honest I wont find myself there again anytime soon. Do visit just for the heck of it.

Here are some pics of the pool.



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