Where to fish in Malaysia / Selangor / USJ Heights

This is a flood water collection pond.

The water is horrendous but so inviting. If you’re just fishing for fun. This is one place to check out.

If you’re planning to eat these fish. Do so at your own risk. The world can use one less dolt.



This man made effort is a well groomed outfit. Despite the brown and polluted water, the place is a decent place to “dry hangout”. So serene that you will find the council staff napping under the shades here.

This place does not appear in google maps as a body of water. I would have missed this if I did not suspect something amiss about the gorge next to the highway. One reason why this place is a blind spot would be the water might be very shallow.

Nevertheless a spot is a spot. If you are a tilapia fan (some of us are!) this spot is for you. Thousands of these fish thrive here. All shapes, colours and sizes!


the grey marks you see on the water surface are the fish!


A glimpse of this beauty in a clearer part of the pond

There were prohibitive signs of “no swimming” and “no excessive littering” posted by the side of the lake. Safe to presume that fishing is allowed.

The water is brown and heavily polluted with oils. So do not eat the fish or catch for the table. If in the event you find individuals netting around here please inform the authorities as fast as possible. Bust these greedy B***he*!

People who net as such usually will be looking to sell at the markets.

20130318_120513 20130318_120929

Despite its crummy water this place can offer a small slice of serenity to the folk of USJ 3. If you are an angler and you find  yourself getting bored of the crocodile farm this can be your new adventure spot. Albeit in a filthy kind of way.

20130318_121936 20130318_122123

Since the neighbourhoods in USJ can be very generic. Please refer to the two landmarks above to find this spot (or avoid). There is a fair amount of parking in the front of this restaurant so please avoid parking by the side of the road.

Here’s a small snippet of what I saw at the pond.

If anyone does fish there do tell us what u feel about the place. We really would like to know.



PS. I’m planning to throw a wrench in the works. Hows a toman sound? Think of throwing a tazmanian devil in a smurf village.


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