PEMM Titiwangsa Conservation Efforts / Unusual organisational skills of PeMM

Referring to the postings from the page:


Act 1

Registration was supposed to start at 0645 hours but the organisers with the necessary tags appeared half an hour later only. OK by Malaysian standards to be honest.  The funny part is actually during the wait.

There was this chap who claimed to be the VP of the Malaysian Anglers Association. To be frank in the whole of Malaysia couldn’t this organisation find someone else to hold this post? Someone who at least knows whats going on in an event their organisation is organising?

This chap comes up to us and asks me if I was able to fish with my rods. I said can. Apparently this answer upset his highness.

After his very remarkable question he leaves us (Caesar and me) and goes and talks to another official. Caesar needed to head back to the car and this guy comes back to me while I’m alone and starts small talk.

So I asked him it’d be good that if you could get someone to put up a banner or something. Its a very innocent question to ask since you’re dealing with an organisation that claims to a national level representative.

Apparently buntings upset this chap. He then starts a tirade about how my attitude sucks and how he can refund me if he wanted to.

I told him that I did not know him from adam and wanted to know the reason why his panties are in a twist. His only reason is that he didn’t like my attitude. Puzzling since I did nothing to this chap.

Tip of the day people. Think twice before inviting these people anywhere. They’re excess baggage which you don’t really need.

Act 2

The helm of the organisation is aloof towards angling. You can cast lures with a spinning rod. Albeit there are certain types of spinners that are exceptionally good at this. Normal spinners to the job but not as well.

A bait caster reel can be used to do bottom feeding too. It works just as well as a spinner when doing this.

My live bait which was clearly allowed for usage was not allowed by its oblivious president. I have confirmation of this on the FB page too.  He said he cannot allow the spinner as I might do bottom feeding.

Not wanting to let rip and just fish I had to return the my bait to my car. These people seemed to fishy to leave it around with.

Act 3

A very disconcerting thing besides the small mentality is the commitment of these people towards the whole sport. It is a big question mark.

By half past eleven I was very tired and decided to call it a day. Funny thing about casting is that you can be empty handed and still be very happy about it. So in order to complete my story I head on down to the place where there were some holding tanks for the caught fishes.

I was utterly gutted to find that every member of the organisation has packed up and left. The tanks have also been taken away.  Come to think of it the marshals have also left already!

The event was supposed to be until 1!!! Having extensive events background, no one in the right mind does that! Despite it being a conservation effort where there is no money involved you have to see it through!

According to Caesar there were about 15 peacock bass and four tomans that were caught in the holding tank when he went there earlier.

Good effort by the participants but tough when you have a limp organisation run by nonchalant belligerent individuals. I officially would like to express that in the future I will attend events associated with PeMM by coincidence only.


good catch by this abang. he new where to go.


alot of keen participants


approximately 730 when people were supposed to have started fishing.

20130316_071945 20130316_075227 20130316_081416_HDR 20130316_081426_HDR 20130316_081435_HDR

Despite all the nonsense. Titiwangsa is a beautiful place to fish in.

We will have our own conservation with hopefully better results.



PS. No one knows where the PBs and the Tomans went. Very questionable that PeMM did not announce its destination.


One thought on “PEMM Titiwangsa Conservation Efforts / Unusual organisational skills of PeMM

  1. Caesar Desouza

    this is one of the worst fishing events i have attended, not only for punctuality but the way it was organised and the attitude of some of the PEMM staff

    i was invited by my friend, mr siva to attend this casting challenge and i was informed the organisers (PEMM) wanted to rid the pond of predatory fish like snakehead n bass and was asked to be at the titiwangsa pond at 630 to complete the process of signing in

    i reached there at 0605, i preferred to reach early as i was unsure of the place and in anticipation of parking problems, i couldnt see any banner or directions to the signing in place, even though there were directions and banners to other events ,,but not a single for the PEMM event
    after circling the pond several times, i called my friend, and reconfirmed the location , he told me he too was trying to locate the place to signin

    he managed to inquire around and guided me to the place where the sign-in was supposed to be held but there was nothing, no signage,, no desk,,no table,,no chair, could PEMM really be so unprofessional ?

    by coincidence also at the same time at 630 we saw 2 people arriving wearing PEMM tshirts and assumed they were officials
    while we waiting, a person arrived on a motorbike and asked me if this was the place to signin, he told me he has been going around from 545 as he was told to be here at 6am, he seemed really frustrated and left ,,,saying he would never attend a PEMM event again!!!

    i was quiet surprised when the official came over and commented on my abu rod matched with a mitchell reel, and commented ,,


    my friend asked ,, anything wrong?

    the sarcastic reply from PEMM official


    my friend had brought live bait, which the official had a look and asked what kind of live bait we were using

    the signing started well after 0715,,, maybe this is normal for PEMM, after we signed in and got our ids, we were approached by another PEMM official and told we were not allowed to use live bait, how come the 1st official didnt comment on live bait, even when he saw it ?

    if the main intention of this challenge was to rid the pond of predatory fish, why restrict live bait?

    before i left the place at 11am, i visited the catch tank and saw a total of 2 snakehead between 2-4kgs, 3 small snakehead between 6-8 inches and about 15-20 bass

    hello,,,i thought the whole intention of this event was to rid the pond of snakehead and bass,,, 30 fish caught??? was this what PEMM wanted to achieve?

    if this is the attitude of PEMM officials,, there sure is a lot of room for improvement!!!


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