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Top 100 Game Fish by Anglers World Wide (Sport Fishing)

Marine folk! I have to apologise as we have limited resources to venture out to the big blue. Currently Jahat and myself are the content contributors to our beloved site. We here at fishmalaysia are all round anglers and we have not discounted marine fishing just because we fish in fresh waters most of the time. With that we promise to start bringing  some sea features for you chaps.

Thing is you chaps have been around and no point in reinventing the wheel in some instances. Yet, the day before, there were a group of young boys playing around with some rod and line in Taman Aman. Boys who are interested in fishing. Best to have interests of folk like these at our hearts too.

We can kick things off with a break down of choosing your rods and picking your lines. Too boring. Lets look at trophies. The beauty of fishing is that both the goal and the journey is as good as one another. To show the novice and reopen the hearts of the seasoned angler, here’s the top 100 game fish from around the world. Think anyone of you have caught em all? Easier to catch pokemon, trust me.


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PS. Bill fish grand slam anyone?

Caught! feat. Malaysian Method Feeder exponent Mr. Nafeez Khaursar

Method feeder method. Has a nice ring to it. A serious yet exciting way to angle for fish. Mr. Nafeez demonstrated possibly the finest form a exponent can display at anytime. I am proud to say that I have met him and he’s Malaysian. Folks keeps your ears open this sport is something to check out.

Lets look at the results.

(Please take note that i was sitting next to this man for 2 hours only!)

A lampam this big!

A lampam this big!

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Where to fish in Malaysia / Semenyih: Fish Valley

First and foremost I would like to express my gratitude to a Mr. Nafeez for joining me here today. Nafeez you have opened my eyes to a whole new way to fishing and i very much appreciate it. Looking forward to having more fishing adventures with you.

Nafeez Khaursar

Nafeez Khaursar

Coarse Fishing Malaysia

Fish Valley, situated in the more inner parts of the Kajang area is a place that has come very far in the past decade or so. I must compliment the owner or management who have been curating this place as it has improved by leaps and bounds.

I visited this place quite some time ago and to be honest it was a mine in the middle of the jungle back then. Getting to the restaurant would require the use of a land rover. In that time, the place only had a restaurant that was run by siamese cooks. So the story goes. I do stand to be corrected on that part. (Also this place used to be on stilts)

What i remember the most from that dinner i had here was some very good tilapia. Seeing the place today I can appreciate the determination of the proprietors. Its almost very difficult to achieve a place that offers wholesome outdoor family fun with such  great attention to cleanliness.

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