Jurnal Jahat: Sebarau Kuala Lumpur 2013!

Hye semua! Minggu ini saya memecah kebuntuan saya mencari Sebarau, merata saya pergi memburu sang Sebarau ni. Iyalah, mana taknye sebarau terakhir saya pegang adalah hampir 15 tahun dahulu.. lame sangat tak hanyir Sebarau. Tambah-tambah lagi sekarang sudah masuk bulan ke 3 secara rasmi saya menggunakan set Baitcasting, bila dah ada ‘spirit’ BC ni biasalah, Sebarau adalah ikan wajib!


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Megabass XLUSH

Some of us will never buy this lure out of pure principle. Being Megabass it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. I have a big question mark though. What kind of difference does the Megabass make compared to the others out there?

A pencil poller that doesn’t pop like a conventional popper. Interesting indeed. Please take a look at this video on how the japs are using the lure.


Beautiful indeed

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Caught: Random Week

We kick things off with this excellent video of this diver chick who fishes. Man… and drool…

We love women who participate in fishing! Any kinds of fishing. We also love philosophical women. So this gal is a fine example.

Our forays to random watering holes have been rather fruitless. People seem to be “bangau”ing. The fish are there but the folk seem to be getting things mixed up.

Take this lone tilapia for example. The chap had been fishing for three hours before he decided to start snagging fishes.


One thing we like to look at here in Fishmalaysia are tanks. Not empty ones though. The aquariums around the city tend to have an interesting cacophony of scales.

Take these examples we found in a pair of aquariums in Gombak!

20130516_111008 20130516_111513 20130516_111843 20130516_111858 20130516_111905 20130516_112029


On another note. Sea Tackle in PJ are clearing their Rapalas. No idea on what are the discounts but apparently they will discontinue selling them. Maybe they might be switching their focuses more to Ofmer. We found some lovely lures there though if you’re going sea fishing this weekend.


DAM reels! Seem very antiquated though.

20130514_134932 20130514_134946

Well with that folks would be good if you could send in your pics and we’ll upload them. Good to share your adventures. Lots of people like to hear about them.



PS. Has everyone migrated? Nobody seems to be fishing.

Gary Loomis partners with Utopia


LEGENDARY American rod designer Gary Loomis has partnered with Italian firm Utopia Tackle to create a new line of Mediterranean-specific fishing rods, set to be unveiled at EFTTEX 2013.

The new series of rods will be co-labelled with Gary’s new brand Edge and Utopia’s brand Seaspin and will all be manufactured in Gary’s Woodland, Washington, US-based headquarters.

Seaspin project manager Massimo Della Salda said: “Gary Loomis is a legend in the sportfishing world and we are delighted to be able to show off the result of our work with him.”

Gary explained: “We’re thrilled to be working with the pros at Utopia Tackle. I’ve always sought out the best anglers when I design a rod. I may not be the best fisherman, but I’m good enough to fish with the best and design the perfect tool for him.”

Many of the newly designed rods are engineered to work perfectly with Seaspin’s extensive range of freshwater and saltwater lures, meaning European dealers can source a more complete package from this Italian company.

Utopia Tackle

T: +39 0333 860 7084

E: Massimo@utopiatackle.com

W: www.utopiatackle.com

This chap Loomis is one heck of chap. Do check him out more!



PS. Leads to where one can get one?


River Monsters Season 5 Episode 5

To get you in the mode for the weekend. For those who are able to fish this weekend: Good Luck! For those who can’t: stay hungry as there’s one with your name on it written somewhere!

I do not own the rights. I would like to own it one day. Jeremy wade is at the pinnacle of fresh water angling!



PS. This season he’s doing more fly fishing. Not beautiful but effective technique.


The original fishing snake by Doug Hannon

Hi folks, have not seen anyone using this lure before. However having said that it must be quite limited here in Malaysia. From what we see though it must be one heck of lure!

Natural Motion Lure’s Original Fishing Snake
Written by: Frank Hilton (circa 2011)



The Original Fishing Snake is the ULTIMATE topwater lure that looks and acts just like a snake. The Fishing Snake floats on the surface and when used correctly can catch hugh bass. The Fishing Snake is made out of a material called Duracone® and it is very durable and flexible. The Fishing Snake can also be used with a weight if you like to fish on the bottom.

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TCE Tackle Cheras: A closer look at what they have

TCE Tackle if said repeatedly very fast would sound like testicle. A big player in the local market this chain of stores guarantee affordability with some extent of quality. These chaps here must have an excellent PR/ Marketing crew as they have affirmative branding and merchandising in all their stores.


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