Kenyir of Cheras, hilltop wonder in Hatamas!

Hatamas is not to be confused with Hartamas. Hatamas sans the “r” is a housing estate atop a hill in Cheras that is in between Cuepacs and Tayton VIew. This place is still very forested and even has a Perhilitan office for its preservation. Worth checking out. Hopefully there’s some enforcement in these areas.


Hard to believe a place like this does exist in of all the places Cheras. At the point the picture was taken the lake had experienced some heavy downpour the day before, hence the coloration of the water. Under more dryer circumstances the waters here are a bright marine. Equivalent to that of Kenyir.

Arriving there one plus of the place is that it has got a fair amount of parking. This variable however might change due to the weekend. There is a upcoming temple right across the apartments i parked in front off.

20130510_105555 20130510_105602

The path to the lake is quite obvious. There is some amount of angling activity going on in these waters. Cannot discount netting too. Hopefully netting has not reached a level of devastation.



The lake is surrounded by plenty sand beaches that are quite solid. Waters in the area might run deep too. Some parts of the lake has got some stumps pointing out of the water. This could be the result of waters not subsiding caused from flooding.

20130510_105946 20130510_110035


There were signs of a accomplished path with even some mods. Soft footing seems to have been solved from the work that has been done around the waters. A makeshift mine was spotted underneath the trees directly overlooking the waters.

20130510_110141 20130510_110345

Upon crossing the makeshift bridge, you would need to take a 20 foot hike up a small dyke. This is not difficult as the path has been cleared and there are steps that have been embellished on to the slope.


It not absolutely wild. Best to practice good sense and wear some good hiking shoes. Good also to have bug repellant. The mosquitos here are in droves and very persistent.

20130510_110510 20130510_110513

According to Jahat some serious fish lurk in these waters. There is also said to be a community of Alligator Gar thriving in these waters. Best to try doing a few things at once. What would be good to see are Hampalas and other exotics.

20130510_110729 20130510_110732


Overall if you are planning a day a way and want to do some fishing on the edge yet you don’t want to drive so far. This place is for you! Good for folks in the PJ, Cheras and Sg. Besi area.

Do try a few kinds of methods and baits. I’d love to see or hear about the results.



PS. Bait casting seems like a bad idea here. Best do it with a spinner. Trust me.


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