Top 100 Game Fish by Anglers World Wide (Sport Fishing)

Marine folk! I have to apologise as we have limited resources to venture out to the big blue. Currently Jahat and myself are the content contributors to our beloved site. We here at fishmalaysia are all round anglers and we have not discounted marine fishing just because we fish in fresh waters most of the time. With that we promise to start bringing  some sea features for you chaps.

Thing is you chaps have been around and no point in reinventing the wheel in some instances. Yet, the day before, there were a group of young boys playing around with some rod and line in Taman Aman. Boys who are interested in fishing. Best to have interests of folk like these at our hearts too.

We can kick things off with a break down of choosing your rods and picking your lines. Too boring. Lets look at trophies. The beauty of fishing is that both the goal and the journey is as good as one another. To show the novice and reopen the hearts of the seasoned angler, here’s the top 100 game fish from around the world. Think anyone of you have caught em all? Easier to catch pokemon, trust me.


click here to begin slide show!



PS. Bill fish grand slam anyone?

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