Legasi Pay Pond Sungai Buloh

Anglers are people and have many preferences. Some anglers like to fish for predators and vicious fighters. Some like to fish for caps, barbs and catfish. Often in general an angler would find himself switching from one side to another according to the season. So today’s location is most suited for the angler of carps, barbs and catfish.


There are many ponds out there similar to this one. What makes this pond different then? Nothing to be honest. I was misled here by the old signboards that lead to this place. It read “Salt water fishing pond” at the main road. Turns out humans too can fall for fake lures.

Now that you have been alerted do choose wisely if you would like to go here. The wear and tear on your vehicle, the cleaning bill involved and pond rates. Is it really worth ones time? Despite a fai amount of parking the roads here are horrendous anyways.

20130507_105346 20130507_105404

Legasi charges about RM 12 an hour to fish with holding a deposit. Like any other pond there are also some guidelines to fishing in them. Fishing in these kind of ponds need some practice and best to have some prior experience in its waters.

20130507_105426 20130507_105438


Whats interesting also is that this place has a jackpot system. Whatever that means. It is believed to appeal to a lot of urban anglers this system. Good to share your experiences of hitting the jackpot in a pond.

20130507_105502 20130507_105506 20130507_105510

Despite the false advertising and puzzling rates the waters in the pond is exceptionally clean. A far cry from what was offered in the waters of Cheras. Good job to the management in making the angling experience more pleasant.

Here are more pics of the place. Do think hard if you’d like to make a trip here. Be warned about the sign that reads saltwater pond on the Sungai Buloh road. Its an old sign and you might have to go through a lot only to be disappointed.

20130507_105547 20130507_105616 20130507_105728 20130507_105752 20130507_105847

One of the signs read there were 3 or more tonnes of fish in this pond. Good to see what really it can offer.



PS. Ever been smiled at by a hooker?


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