The 2nd Teman Setia in Port Klang

There are a trio that has been players in Port Klang for some time. This is the second shop. Funnily sharing the same name as the one earlier reported. This shop however was run by a more terse looking chap.

Side view

Side view

This shop is another one of those shops that has “been around”. To be frank its exactly the same as the first one! The similarities are so parallel that it leaves a lot of intrigue in the mind of one.

20130429_120116 20130429_120315

Walking into the shop we find the same types of reels as the first one had. Followed by the same kind of rods and the same kind of dedak (to be fair aren’t they all the same everywhere?)

Don’t fret though. Despite the glaring similarities these shops are useful. Utilitarians will find this phenomenon handy. Both of these shops sell similar items that work.

20130429_120321 20130429_120336 20130429_120341

One thing quite noticeable are that Sebiles are starting to pop up everywhere. A new budget lure to try and match the versatile ofmers perhaps? Price slightly above the Ofmers are they just as good or better?

20130429_120348 20130429_120404 20130429_120408


Being in Port Klang this place sold some marine gear too. Albeit it to a minimal. Worth dropping buy if you miss the first shop by driving to fast. People tend to do that you know.

20130429_120417 20130429_120422

This shop has been like this probably since the day it opened. Many folks would know this place due to the weight of its experience in the business. An utility shop is a must visit for a quick fix. Good to take your time and choose your tools.



PS. I broke my bait net and lost it to the depths of Taman Aman. Heading this side again soon.

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