In Memory of The Bass Professor: Doug Hannon

Source from tackle trade

Source from tackle trade

Malaysians might not have heard of him. This guy is a genius. Probably good to get some insight from his works to further your foray into the world of fishing.

“What’s it like to be alive? Eureka, I have found it in bass fishing!”

-Doug Hannon-

LEGENDARY American angler Doug Hannon, known affectionately as ‘the bass professor’, has sadly died at the age of 66.

Doug was recovering from an operation on his neck when he died at his Tampa, Florida home on April 1st, 2013.

Doug was a name synonymous with bass fishing thanks to a record of having caught over 800 largemouth bass over 10lbs. He was also responsible for a number of key innovations in the tackle trade, the latest of which was the MicroWave Guide System, branded by American Tackle.

Russ Riley, a family spokesman and president of WaveSpin/MicroWave, a fishing components design company Hannon launched eight years ago, said: “He was deeply analytical and had an exceptional ability to visualise and solve complex issues, especially when it came to fishing tackle, lures and components geared to helping anglers enjoy the sport.

“You could instantly see and feel his passion when he was showing anglers at fishing shows his engineering designs in use, such as casting and catching fish. He absolutely loved the sport.”

Doug was also a huge media personality during his life, starring in ESPN’s Sportsmans Challenge TV as well as being a key angling writer and authority across the world.


A good eulogy would be this piece written by his friend. Please read more to see what a great chap this guy was : eulogy

To give you an idea what this chap has done here are some videos of his work.

and finally the most moving one of all:

You did well Doug!



PS. I really would like to get my hands some of that tech.


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