Haruan spot in Cheras.

Good news for Cheras folk. Recently fishmalaysia made a visit to a Haruan hotspot there thanks to a lead from a friend. Thank you Jo Ee Chan!.


Do not fish from this side. Not recommended.

Before we begin. There is no need to “kombat” to fish here. There are two sides to this pond. On one side its Perhilitan and another is quite public. I was fortunate to take some shots of both sides.

If you are from cheras one landmark to go by is the petronas before the “polis hutan” camp. This would be on your left opposite of the Phoenix plaza. Park responsibly and do not trespass into the Perhilitan compound.


The Perhilitan compound is an advantageous spot to fish from. A good solid bank, a hut out in the water and lots of clear banks making easy access to water. Having said that however a bit difficult if you’re planning to bait cast here. Best to use live bait.

20130430_125700 20130430_125703

There is a restaurant overlooking the pond. This place would be a good place to get drinks or if you prefer an on the go option the gas station is right behind it.

20130430_125706 20130430_125723

The hut mentioned earlier albeit still very stable some parts of it has fallen into disrepair. Sure does show a sign of under utilising and poor maintenance. A lovely place to cast out from.

20130430_131205 20130430_131221

A better option would be to head to the spot above. The road here is right behind the furniture mall. You should drive past a catholic church and this road will be on your right. Fair amount of parking in front of the water tank.

20130430_130901 20130430_130916

This is the part that is across from the perhilitan part. Haruan thrive in foliage like this. The depths of the waters however cannot be confirmed.

20130430_130921 20130430_130924

While there a pair of anglers was spotted. These chaps were using live bait as their casting activity was quite limited. There is a good amount of trees around to find shade from the hot sun.

20130430_131003 20130430_131017

Do to ground with very mysterious footing, best to wear some boots while wading here. We did have some very wet soles while exploring here.


Haruan catches here have be claimed to be very good. If you’re good at catching Haruan this is a good place to go. Doesn’t really matter if you want to go for the heck of it. Please do check it out and give me your feedback.



PS. Thanks again for the pointer Jo Ee Chan! Congrats and an advanced welcome into fatherhood.


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