Patin River Opposite UKM

Folks this is place is quite open to the public. Please leave the “kombat” to a professional. We here at fishmalaysia often have your personal safety first in mind followed by your fishing satisfaction.

Patin a catfish that has mixed reactions across the pallets. Some love them while others are indifferent or simply loath them. To the angler this would be an acquired taste to the experience of catching one. Some stories have likened it to the trawling of a garbage bag from the depths. Other accounts liken it towards reeling in a belly dancer from one of her ornaments. A tough situation to describe.

Courtesy of the internet.

This place was discovered while looking for a fishing point to to be included in our grand slam. A very intriguing and intense area. The lush greenery does very little to mask how bustling this point is. Best to park at this point where there is a restaurant and look for your position by foot. Alternatively you can park in the sand mine nearby.

20130506_124853 20130506_124905

There is plenty of solid footing on the embankments here. The place is nice and flat too. Good to have some hiking shoes and long pants as this place has a very rough path only. The spot above is right behind the restaurant where the bridge is.


The cursed bandaraya fish.

20130506_125224 20130506_125950

The water here is quite calm. It does swell when there is a storm though. According to one of the local anglers here the source is from the Ulu Yam Dam and heads right out to the Klang Estuary. The waters here to don’t change colour very much. He did add that it’s clean and the fish don’t taste bad.

20130506_130359 20130506_130410

Having plenty of experience in these waters this chap (above) fishes here very regularly. There are a lot of catfish in these waters. The main ones are Patin, Common Catfish and of course the loathed bandaraya. That day he was out to catch some common catfish so he was baiting his hooks with crickets.

His set up was a very rudimentary bottom set up heavily weighted with a large bolt. His leader for his hook was on about a metre long. Good to follow his practice and bring an umbrella motorcycle along when fishing here.

Types of bait recommended to be used is Gardenia and crickets. Nothing else really works apparently.

20130506_130552 20130506_130836 20130506_130941

There was another group of anglers some distance away. This trio however was a silent bunch. They did say however that they were targeting keli too. While there the water surface was teeming with a magnitude of surfacing and diving. Proof that there is a number of patin out here.

Folks apart from the patin there is an odd haruan in these waters. The burly chap did say that its very difficult to get one though. Having said that he did add that the sizes of haruan here are very good. Toman folk, none of those apex predators here.

Overall a bottom feeding place that needs some investigating.



PS. I am seeking to find that lake in UKM. It appears on google maps but disappears when you’re there. How odd.

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