Carp leading the way

An article from late  last year. Possibly some food for thought.

Published on: Wednesday, 05 December 2012 10:52

image source here

image courtesy of tackle trade

Rob Smith: I’m not the biggest fan of carp fishing. From a purely personal point of view I prefer the savagery of a predator. Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer a day carp fishing over a shopping trip with the girlfriend and I have given it a try (the fishing that is). I found myself taking huge amounts of kit, setting up for what seemed like hours and then not catching very much.

However, carp fishing companies are the best out there at marketing their sport. In Europe carp fishing is huge, I mean huge. Carp companies have worked very hard to market a ‘cool’ image for the sport and it’s working. Youngsters are taking to the sport like you wouldn’t believe. Neglecting ‘the basics’ to start their angling journey by chucking out a 3oz lead, 200 yards into the horizon. I’m not knocking this, although I think a more rounded approach might stop these new anglers thinking that carp is the only fish worth catching, but one thing that you can’t knock about the carp industry is the boost it has give our trade, at a time when is most certainly needs one.



PS. Those coarse fellas might be up to something.

source here.


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