Coarse Friendly @ EAK : A tournament unlike any other

This tournament was unlike any other tournament held in Malaysia. To begin with the fishes were alive at the end of the tournament. To add on top of that they were released back into the water.

Kudos to the Coarse fishing friendly held yesterday at Empangan Air Kuning. There were about seven participants who pitted their skills against one another. The tourney took place in the upper dam targeting for herbivores carp, barb, chiclid or any other kind.

Tournament organizer Nafeez Khausar was one of the anglers themselves. Congratulations to him for successfully organising a milestone event for the Coarse Fishing sport here in Malaysia. Folks these chaps are excellent fishermen showing of their skills against one another with such camaraderie.


Being held on a public holiday at EAK the tournament was joined by some curious onlookers too. The atmosphere that day was a low chatter with the spilling water from the dam. Despite the overcast the anglers were determined to do their best!

20130501_093103 20130501_095644

Registration was open from 9am. Contestants were seen coming shortly after that.


These ladies were our lovely marshals.


The tournament officially started about 1030-ish after setting up their tech. The coarse fishing styles for the tournament today would be the waggler and feeder method.

20130501_103305 20130501_103308

Allotment of the spots were done by draw. Each contestant randomly picked their peg on the grounds. After getting their pegs the decision is final and contestants proceed to set up.

20130501_104250 20130501_105258

Equipment for Coarse fishing is very impressive. Just by looking at the rods involved people know that these chaps are very serious fishermen. The calm and serious vibe you get from the atmosphere here today suggested that these chaps were out to prove something today.

20130501_105309 20130501_105517 20130501_105535 20130501_105543

The competition was a three hour tourney where the winner would be decided by the total amount of weight of fish caught by the participants. The winner would be the person with the heaviest catch. 20130501_112622 20130501_112645 20130501_112713

Getting a cast out with a 13 foot rod is quite a spectacle. Imagine when doing so while standing, its double the effect if one is sitting down and doing it. Something that requires a lot of practice.


Tengku Izzudin or the “guv’nor” was the first contestant to land a fairly good sized Tilapia. The catches that day was rather sombre because of a severe handicap given to the contestants.

The first handicap was the weather. Coarse fishermen having good scientific intuition foresaw this as apparently the water was ice cold. When water conditions are like this the fishes tend to be a bit reserved.

The second handicap would be further up stream there were some chaps who were “bribing” the pacu away with a huge bin of chicken parts. Having chicken skin all the pacus were gathered in one place. This unfortunately was quite far away from where the contestants were fishing.


Despite of this the chaps fought back by persistently baiting the waters. However the lure of the animal parts upstream proved to be difficult to be outdone. Catching pacus with meat sounds like a bad idea. Very bad idea.

20130501_112610At 2pm the final whistle was blown. The winner of that day’s friendly was then to be announced by the lovely marshals /judges.


Tengku Izuddin and his catches

The winner of the tournament was Tengku Izzudin who won with a haul of approximately 4 and half pounds. This was followed by “Sarge”.


Sarge and his catches

Folks these chaps were handed a severe handicap on that day. However the future of the sport here in Malaysia is as bright as ever. More and more people are interested in this skilful form of fishing.

This is probably the most disciplined version of sport fishing where there are international rules to follow and fish handling is a priority for the sport.

Do follow their activities from time to time. They are an active bunch and can be contacted at their FB page:

Coarse FIshing Malaysia



PS. feeding pacu meat is a bad thing as they will abominate closer to their cousin the piranha.

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  1. Robert Lok

    Tks, is the location open to public or only for organised occasions like the competition…?


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