Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / Selangor / Port Klang

We will be adjusting these posts soon. This is to make way for a directory function on our dedicated site.

Teman Setia Tackle (The one on the Main Road)


There are funnily two shops with the same name in Port Klang. This could mean: They are related, an ugly old feud or both of them together. Lets assume the most exciting on till we are made in the know.

This probably the first shop you see as you enter the Port Klang Area. Parking during weekdays are difficult as the working crowd there is abundant and gladly park haphazardly. Best to try visiting over the weekends. At least you will be competing with fellow anglers.

20130429_114854 20130429_114859

The shop is a no frills shop. No large collection of fake fish or frog. Very dedicated towards coastal fishing. With some neat items for offshore anglers too.

Product range is fairly affordable. 80% of the reels they sell there are spinning reels. There is a shelf that has some bait casters in the back though.

20130429_114908 20130429_114921

There is a fairly good range of rods here. Most of them would be spinning though. Ranging from high end to affordable rods. You can go to this place if you break your rod in the vicinity.


The bait caster shelf filled with Abu’s


Something unique about this place is that it draws such eerie parallels to the other shop further down the road. The similarities include a rack of old reels. Yes there is a rack that sells first generation sigmas.

20130429_115016 An interesting collective of reels. Worth checking out if you’re into this. Here are more pictures of the place.

20130429_114959 20130429_115006

20130429_115022 20130429_115026 20130429_115033

This shop had a good collection of Sebile lures. Is this french wonder making waves or is it a painted bolt that is scaring the fish? Do let us know what you think for those who have tried it.

Overall the main road Teman Setia is a general shop you go to for hooks line and sinkers. Suggest you stock up on your premium lures and gadgets elsewhere if you’re using any.



PS. Sebile’s are unusually low priced here, or am i just oblivious?

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