Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / KL / Young Pudu

Shops a very old one.

Situated in a central part of KL this place has been around forever. This is one of the oldest shops in the city, possibly the oldest dedicated towards fishing. Suspected family business.

Like many antiquated looking shops, these chaps also turned down the opportunity to be photographed. Fearing their luck will run away with the pictures and the competition will get an upper hand by knowing their “secrets”  the requests were adhered too.




Young enterprise is a no nonsense exterior shop. Very rudimentary lures, hooks and dough bait. They do sell premium items though at a very alarmingly low price.

An example would be the Calcutta range bait caster type 101. Prices in normal settings exceed the thousands. However here in young the prices only touch the high three digits. Unusually cheap. (A lead in an expose?)

Besides having a balanced set of reels and rods this place carries a lot of selection on dough bait. Targeting carps and catfishes. Good place to start looking if you’re planning to buy a set up.

Live bait is no issue here as the market is around the corner. You can name your bait and find it in the market. Another plus point if you’re into live baits.

A big drawback to go here would be accessibility. The jams in Pudu are notorious. Parking is crazy. You’d most probably have to park in the hospital nearby and do your buying quick. Getting out is as cumbersome as getting in so be prepared.

Safety is also an issue here. Albeit being a shadow of its former self, pudu still has a crime scene. So be careful folks.

Young is the place where an angler in KL would go to, most anglers who grew up in KL would have been here. The chaps here really don’t stand on ceremony.



PS. How do you sell a calcutta 101 so cheaply? I also make it a point to not write so much about shops that don’t let me take pictures of their insides.


2 thoughts on “Where to buy fishing supplies in Malaysia / KL / Young Pudu

  1. coupon code

    I’m a new breeder of betta fish (Fighting Fish).. I don’t have air pumps or oxygen pumps to supply oxygen to my fish in the plastic bag that I’m going to deliver..

    1. Can I add oxygen tablets in the plastic bag?

    2. Where can I buy it? Pharmacies or anywhere else? (I live in Malaysia)

    3. Will the oxygen tablets affects my fish?

    Please help me with this.. I really appreciate your answers.. Thank you in advance.. ^_^

    1. sivakumarkulendran Post author

      Very good questions. From what I’ve observed from other shops is that they normally do not tie a full knot in the plastic bags the betta fish are kept in.Please do explain how, how many and where are you delivering too. If you’re delivering in bulk best to have one “tong” with a hole at the top and slide in an battery oxygen pump like I do with the PBs.

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