Taylor’s Lake, Private Colleges should be like this.

I’m from Taylors too. Look at where its gotten me…

Situated or more like cordoned of in one part of Sunway this establishment is proof that all those years slugging in shop lots and drab blocks has finally paid off. The students here have an environment unlike any other. The chaps in the fishing club are quite lucky.

Usuall we pay no attention towards prohibitive signs. No Fishing means good fishing. However the board today  read: No Private Fishing. This stumped us and we loitered around confused not knowing what to do.

Funny how a single word can floor a rebel. I guess kudos to the chaps who paid attention to detail. We respect that.

if not private, public then?

if not private, public then?

Ever felt whats it like to fish in the middle of a business district like say Wall street? If too far fetched lets say KLCC lake? (This gives me an idea.) Well Taylor’s has nailed that. Now you can do this at Taylors and feel all business-like.

Its also very nice to see the fashionable young. Bright colours and a myriad of styles. One can do a lot while waiting for a hook up.

20130425_104506 20130425_104510


The lake is a nice kept feature. About the size of a football field it houses a myriad of fishes. From the humble black Tilapia to the feisty Haruans. Question? Are there any Tomans here? Do you chaps have Amazon species? Would you like Amazon species?

There are lots of points that one can stand (or sit, or have dinner) and fish comfortably. However this is limited to the constructed part of the lake. In the grassier parts fishing can be a bit difficult.

20130425_104635 20130425_104649 20130425_104708

Parking here is easy. However coming here during class is not advisable as its next to impossible to find a vacant spot. Do park in the LG floor as it walks straight out on to the lake.

With regards to fishing. Since no private fishing is allowed please do it as publicly as possible. Best to publicise to the college fishing club your intent. (To be frank I have no idea how to do this here)

Do write to them at:

Taylor’s Fishing Club

Here are more pic of the lake.

20130425_104908 20130425_104917 20130425_105035

We spotted something that looks suspiciously like a Haruan. A good sized one as a matter of fact. Will only be able to affirm this if we fish there.


Overall Taylor’s students can hold their heads up high for having such a wonderful facility.



PS. Beribu-ribu tahnya x 100!


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