Limited edition Rapalas @ SS2 Fishing Fever Angler

For those of you who don’t know this shop. This is a small and industrious shop situated in the PPR of SS2. This PPR is right next to SS2 mall. Worth checking out as this lady carries a good selection of premium lures.

Read more about the shop here. Did not include the map in the last one. So here is the updated version with the maps.

SS2 Fishing Fever Angler

The arrivals begin with a set of limited edition Rapalas. These shads both divers and shallow runners will not be made again apparently. So what you see is what you would get.



There were some unusual colours. Labeled “Team Esko” carries some spots on it. Do give feedback on these.


Another interesting edition to the Rapalas would be the jigging lure. These too are a favourite i believe.


Forgot how much these costs.

Besides Rapalas the tiny shop has restocked some of the favourites for your pleasure. She’s slightly cheaper than the rest. Good to go if you’re buying in bulk.


Mazzys RM 30 a pop; The minnow RM 70 & Giron RM 80 Each regardless size.

New stocks of Mazzy Frogs, the infamous Giron both sizes cost the same and one really shiny critter. This shop has a lot more to offer besides these. Do check them out.



PS. I love this shop and shops like these. Shops who’re too guarded should really re think their strategy.


4 thoughts on “Limited edition Rapalas @ SS2 Fishing Fever Angler

  1. pukau

    the boss told me that the factory was caught on fire and the mold for the mazzy frog has been damaged, yet tge stock keep coming, clever business tactic…

    1. mazzyfrog

      hi pukau:
      the factory for mazzy frog in china does caught on fire and damaged some of their mold. it was told by supplier that the mold model are unable to identify at that moment. mold for mazzy frog might be one of them.
      that time, i bought some mazzy from aunty too just to stock up my collection in case mazzy frog discontinue.
      good news is the mold for mazzy was not damaged and will be continue their production.
      while thinking back, aunty was good enough to tell us the info on the mazzy frog factory was caught on fire so that we still got the chance to keep some. what if the mold for mazzy is one of the damaged mold?

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