Fishing mayhem in UPM!

Please do this at your own risk. The fishing is good, just so damn good.

This is another isolated wonder in Seri Kembangan. Untouched and left to blossom in full wilderness. Hallowed grounds uncovered again.

Malaysian University lakes and fishing go hand in hand. If there ever was a lake in an astute establishment as such good fishing is guaranteed. This is the second University to do us proud.

Getting here is fairly easy. Very useful to have a GPS if you’re not familiar with the place. Just enter UPM from the highway bear to the left and make a left turn heading towards the Serdang Hospital. Look for the giant arch that read UPM!



20130423_104955Parking here was easy. One would need to park by the side of the road and enter by foot through a walking path. Upon arriving there the clear waters in the drain that housed a flurry of tadpoles was very reminiscent of KL in the past.

When the drains carry such clear waters, it is associated with good, clean and healthy fish. Fishes that live in such circumstances usually mean good fishing.

20130423_105237 20130423_105128

There are altogether five lakes in this vicinity. Four of them were inspected. One was observed very closely. The collective of pictures above and that follows are the first lake. This lake had a lot of surface activity on it.

20130423_105042 20130423_105032


Very suspicious of the activity we probed the area around to see any remnants of anglers. Our forensic probing yielded some interesting results.


Yes, the most irritating fish in the world was a sight for sore eyes. The embankments were littered rotting carcasses of these critters. If the wind were to change the full the decay can be smelt.

Finding these critters like these also meant that this place is experiencing some fishing. However the anglers must be camped in the first lake.

20130423_110441 20130423_110324 20130423_110232The above is the second lake here in the cluster of lakes. This lake had some rampant schools of fish swimming around. These fish resembled the red tail barb. Chances are it is the species of barb.

The water surface here was very active. Some huge splashes were spotted in a corner of the lake. However these displays weren’t predatory.

20130423_114040 20130423_114034

The collective of pictures above and below are the third pond. This is a good pond! The best seen so far. It has a lot and a variety of fish. Worth every step the walk here.

20130423_114032 20130423_112847In this lake there a Toman was spotted on the surface. A carp like fish was spotted playing around the surface. Another favourite was foul hooked here. The loveable peacock bass. ( A decent sized one too!)

20130423_113507This is the fourth lake that was right next to the previous lake. This was relatively inactive compared to the third one. By this time many casts were being made in the third lake to see what it might yield.



The whole experience of fishing in such a healthy looking pond is indescribable. The fishes have not adapted in fear of humans but go about as what they might do normally. Worth checking out for the avid angler.



PS. There is some footage of all the action available. Once my internet is repaired you will be able to watch this.




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