Fishing Competition In Titiwangsa! (again)

Hi all this time around no cumbersome PEMM! These people are straightforward catch and kill buddies! Yeehaw!

Having some data on the place, we would like to share with you a thing or two about fishing here. Some ideas on bait fish and spots.

I’m sure all of us are familiar with the peacock phenomenon thats happening here in Malaysia. Titiwangsa is one of the hotspots for this species of fish. To be frank this fish is very easy to fish and so much fun to tackle.

The fight of a good peacock can be likened to that of a Tilapia on performance enhancing drugs.  Spirited, brisk yet not overwhelming. Excellent to be fished on a light tackle set up.



In some instances a catch like the one above would get you a handsome prize in tournaments like these. Now minus the idiocy of a certain organisation it is all within anyones reach.

Do take note of the location of this chap. He is in what the people would call as the “boat house”. This place is good for peacock. The bait you would need is the magical seluang or udang nasi. These items will increase your peacock chances.


the freshwater prawn would look something like this. Udang Nasi

So do find out which of these baits are allowed on that day. If they are available you have an upper hand already.

Here are details of the tournament. If you’re going do enjoy yourself!


Tarikh: 28 April 2013 (Ahad) (sunday)
Masa: 8.00 pagi hingga 1.00 petang (8am -1pm)
Lokasi: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur
Yuran Penyertaan: RM100/ 1 joran (entry fee RM 100 / Rod)
Hadiah Utama
(Prizes total) Keseluruhan: RM66,500
1st: RM30,000
2nd: RM15,000
3rd: RM5,000
4th – 10th: RM300
11th – 40th: RM100
Cabutan Bertuah
1 x Motosikal Honda Dash (Kap Chai)
1 x TV LCD Sony
1 x Set Home Theater
1 x Set Joran bernilai RM1,500 (Tackle!!!)
20 x hamper (Goodies!!)
T’Shirt Percuma
500 helai disediakan untuk pendaftaran terawal (First 500 will receive some nice Tees)
Keterangan lanjut:
Hubungi Pejabat [03-55453961],Ashraf [014-7000013], Azza [012-3402044]

Good luck and all the best!



PS. Ask if you could fish with a bow and arrow. Thats more fun.


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